Student Support

German as a Foreign Language Courses


We moved to Campus Westend Wintersemester 2022 / 23. Please find us on the map: Nr. 17 - ISZ

Here at the International Study Centre (ISZ) we provide support in learning German to all foreign students enrolled on one of the degree courses at the university as well as to foreign exchange students,  visiting students or researchers, postdoctoral students and scholarship holders.

We offer both disciplinary and transdisciplinary German courses which run parallel to your course of study. The transdisciplinary language programme includes grammar courses, workshops on creative and academic writing, an introduction to different forms of academic work, individual writing assistance, opportunities to improve speaking as well as presentation techniques on a C1+ level of German.

The disciplinary language programme (on a post DSH/TestDaF-level C1+) focuses on the humanities and the social and economic sciences.  Workshops are also offered so that those students whose timetable does not allow them to take part in courses during the week can also profit from the wide range of courses that we offer.

Please click here to find out more about the courses we offer.

It is important to note that you can earn credit points as part of the ECTS programme when you attend any of the courses offered by the International Study Centre!

For guest researchers, postdoctoral students and post graduates who do not need German for academic purposes, we also offer special courses in "everyday German" for beginners and advanced beginners.

Foreign exchange students who intend to spend only one year or even only one semester studying at the Goethe University can specifically improve their language skills by taking part in the so-called "Intermediate Academic" (AkadeMI) course. To register you have to write an email and take a placement test.

In addition, there is also the possibility to attend the "German Intensive for Exchange Students " (DIA-Kurs) course which takes place in September and March and which serves as a preparation course (see dates).