Placement Test - German Intensive Course

Placement Test - German Intensive Course

For new participants

Should you wish to take part in a course with us and if you already have previously knowledge of the language, but have so far not attended a course at the ISZ, you must first complete the online placement test before you can register. It is not possible to register without a test result. 

If you have a certificate from a language school, you do not need to do the placement test. Simply email us a copy of the certificate and you will then be classified as being eligible for progressing to the next higher level.

Your test score will be generated automatically upon completion of the test. However, the result will also be confirmed by email and you will be informed of which level of courses you can register for.

Students who have already successfully completed a previous language course or courses may apply directly. Just send an email informing  the ISZ of this.

The online placement test is based on the C-test model, which is a kind of blank filling text. There are 4 short texts which increase in difficulty as you progress. Normally, starting with the second sentence, the second half of every second word is missing. For example: Ferien = Fer___ ; Sonne = So___).


Unter Werbung versteht man die bewusste Beeinflussung des Konsumenten. Werbung i____ das wo____ wichtigste Instr________ für d__ Verkauf v___ Waren u____ selbst e__ riesiger Wirtschaftszw_______.

[Unter Werbung versteht man die bewusste Beeinflussung des Konsumenten. Werbung ist das wohl wichtigste Instrument für den Verkauf von Waren und selbst ein riesiger Wirtschaftszweig.]

Do not use any resources to assist you while completing the test! The aim of this placement test is to determine your current level.

If you do not understand the text, try to do whatever you can.

General information about the format of "C-test" including example texts can be found here.

Should you have any questions about your test score, please contact us.

Important: You are only allowed to do the test once. Make sure you have sufficient time to complete the test as it cannot be interrupted after you have started and assessment begins as soon as you login. The choice of courses which are open to you will be determined solely by your test score.

Online Placement Test