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The group is interested in the synthesis of catalytically active receptor molecules able to transform substrates within host-guest complexes. Stereoselective C-C bond forming reactions are studied as well as the sequence specific cleavage of nucleic acids. Molecular recognition of biopolymers, especially of RNA, is an important topic. In an concerted effort of the SFB 579, the group works on the identification of novel HIV inhibiting and antibacterial lead structures. Template controlled oligomerization of RNA is a further research project.

Chemische Biologie der Nucleinsäuren: Synthese funktionaler Moleküle, die auf DNA und RNA einwirken.

Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids: Synthesis of Functional Molecules Acting on DNA and RNA.



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Kaiser, F., Endeward, B., Collauto, A., Scheffer, U., Prisner, T.F., and Göbel, M.W. (2022). Spin-Labeled Riboswitch Synthesized from a Protected TPA Phosphoramidite Building Block. Chem.--Eur. J.

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