Prof. Dr. Jennifer Dressman

Prof. Dressman’s research focuses on predicting the in vivo performance of drugs and dosage forms after oral administration. She is best known for pioneering the use of Biorelevant dissolution testing and has made significant contributions to combining dissolution testing with physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling to achieve quantitative predictions of oral absorption.


Professor Dressman is a Fellow of AAPS, CRS, FIP and APSTJ. Her awards include the Ebert Prize 1986, Phoenix Prize 2003, Distinguished Scientist Award (FIP 2008), Best Paper Award EJBP 2010, Highly Cited Researcher (2016), International Woman Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year APSTJ 2017 and Most Informative Research Paper Simcyp 2017.



150x100 paper


Top Ten cited papers


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