NUE, New University Education, is a student-led initiative that goes new ways in university education. 

As part of the English didactics department, our main focus lies on learning how to teach English in modern EFL classrooms. We have the vision of combining a variety of formats in order to provide students with everything they need in their future teaching careers as well as to create an atmosphere that encourages learning and active participation. We offer English didactics seminars that aim at creating a new learning environment that provides access to different practical and true-to-life teaching approaches. 

The idea of forming a new setting for teacher training developed in 2014 and will launch its first course at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main in summer 2015. The core of our NUE concept is the idea that students teach fellow students in the accredited setting of the English didactics department. We believe, that not only the students teaching benefit from this new approach, but especially those attending our courses, and finally the University as a whole itself. 

We established our new seminar concepts on topical empirical research. In the beginning of 2015, we initiated a survey at the Goethe University to figure out where the expectations of students towards the courses provided by the university diverged. We want to ensure that we create seminars in which our own ideals, as much as the students' interests, merge, to create the wished atmosphere and form. We are now in the middle of planning our first course that will take place in the summer term 2015.

We hope that this differentiated and hands-on-way of learning, that we think is crucial for developing teaching skills, can bring a different perspective on university education and teacher training.

We are happy to get to know you in one of our courses or to provide further information on our initiative.