ResearcherID H-3178-2011

Original Articles

15. Genetic Code Expansion Facilitates Position-Selective Labeling of RNA for Biophysical Studies
   A. Hegelein, D. Müller, S. Größl, M. Göbel, M. Hengesbach, H. Schwalbe
   in press. doi: 10.1002/chem.201904623

14. Assembly of Proteins by Free RNA during the Early Phase of Proteostasis Stress
   M. Alriquet M., A. Martínez-Limón, G. Hanspach, M. Hengesbach, G. G Tartaglia, G. Calloni, R.M. Vabulas
   J Proteome Res. 2019;18(7):2835–2847. doi:10.1021/acs.jproteome.9b00143

13. Combined smFRET and NMR analysis of riboswitch structural dynamics
   Bains JK*, J. Blechar*, V. de Jesus*, N. Meiser*, H. Zetzsche, B. Fürtig, H. Schwalbe, and M. Hengesbach
   Methods, 2019 Jan 15;153:22-34. doi: 10.1016/j.ymeth.2018.10.004

12. The Protein Microenvironment Governs the Suitability of Labeling Sites for Single-Molecule Spectroscopy of RNP Complexes
   Schmidt A, N. Altincekic, H. Gustmann, J. Wachtveitl and M. Hengesbach 
   ACS Chem Biol, 2018 13(9): 2472-2483

11. NMR Structural Profiling of Transcriptional Intermediates Reveals Riboswitch Regulation by
   Metastable RNA Conformations
   Helmling, A. Wacker, M.T. Wolfinger, I.L. Hofacker, M. Hengesbach, B. Fürtig, and H. Schwalbe
   JACS, 2017 Feb. 139(7):2647-2656

10. Ligand-modulated folding of the full-length adenine riboswitch probed by NMR and
   single-molecule FRET spectroscopy

   Warhaut, K.R. Mertinkus, P. Höllthaler, B. Fürtig,M. Heilemann, M.Hengesbach, and H. Schwalbe
   Nucleic Acids Res. 2017 Feb 15. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx110

9. Rapid NMR screening of RNA secondary structure and binding
   Helmling C, Keyhani S, Sochor F, Fürtig B, Hengesbach M, Schwalbe H.
   J Biomol NMR. 2015 Sep;63(1):67-76. doi: 10.1007/s10858-015-9967-y.

8. Differential Scanning Fluorimetry for Monitoring RNA Stability
   R. Silvers, H. Keller, H. Schwalbe and M. Hengesbach
   ChemBioChem, 2015 May 7; (7)16: 1014.
    Highlighted as Inside Cover

7. Single molecule FRET reveals a rugged folding energy landscape for the
   human telomerase RNA pseudoknot domain
   M. Hengesbach
, N.-K. Kim, J. Feigon, and M.D. Stone
  Angewandte Chemie International Edition
, 2012 Jun 11;51(24):5876-9.

6. Single-molecule FRET reveals a cooperative effect of two methyl group
   modifications in the folding of human mitochondrial tRNALys

   A. Yu. Kobitski, M. Hengesbach, S. Seidu-Larry, K. Dammertz, C. S. Chow, A. van Aerschot,
   G.U. Nienhaus and M. Helm
   Chemistry & Biology, 2011 Jul 29;18(7):928-36

5. Single-molecule FRET studies of counterion effects on the free energy
   landscape of human mitochondrial lysine tRNA

   K. Dammertz, M. Hengesbach, M. Helm, G.U. Nienhaus, and A. Yu.Kobitski
, 2011 Apr 19;50(15):3107-15

4. Formation of a stalled early intermediate of Pseudouridine synthesis
   monitored by real-time FRET
   M. Hengesbach
, F. Voigts-Hoffmann, B. Hofmann and M. Helm
, 2010 Mar;16(3):610-20.

3. Sculpting an RNA conformational energy landscape by a methyl group modification
   - a single-molecule FRET study

   A. Yu. Kobitski, M. Hengesbach, M. Helm, and G.U. Nienhaus
   Angewandte Chemie International Edition
, 2008. 47(23): p. 4326-30
   (Arbeit in deutscher Sprache: Angewandte Chemie, 2008. 120(23): p. 4398-4402)

2. Use of DNAzymes for site-specific analysis of ribonucleotide modifications
   M. Hengesbach*
, M. Meusburger*, F. Lyko and M. Helm
, 2008. 14(1): p. 180-7

1. A Methyl Group Controls Conformational Equilibrium in Human Mitochondrial tRNALys
   F. Voigts-Hoffmann, M. Hengesbach, A. Yu. Kobitski, A. van Aerschot, P. Herdewijn, G.U. Nienhaus,
   and M. Helm
   JACS, 2007. 129(44): p. 13382-3

Reviews & Methods

R5. Strategic labelling approaches for RNA single-molecule spectroscopy
       Hanspach G, Trucks S, Hengesbach M.
       RNA Biology. 2019 Mar 15:1-14. doi: 10.1080/15476286.2019.1593093.

R4. Single-molecule Analysis of Telomerase Structure and Function
       M. Hengesbach
, B.M. Akiyama, and M.D. Stone
       Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2011 Dec;15(6):845-52.

R3. A post-labeling Approach for the Characterization and Quantification of RNA
      modifications Based on Site-directed Cleavage by DNAzymes

        M. Meusburger*, M. Hengesbach*, and M. Helm
Methods in Molecular Biology: DNA and RNA editing
, 2011, 718; p259-70

 R2. RNA Intramolecular Dynamics by Single-Molecule FRET
       M. Hengesbach
, A. Kobitski, F. Voigts-Hoffmann, C. Frauer, G.U. Nienhaus, and M. Helm
        Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
, Sep 2008, Chapter 11; Unit 11.12

R1. Exploring the folding free energy landscape of small RNA molecules by single-pair
       Förster resonance energy transfer
        A. Yu. Kobitski, A.  Nierth, M. Hengesbach, A.  Jäschke, M. Helm, and G.Ulrich Nienhaus
        Biophysical Reviews and Letters
, 2008. 3(4): p. 439-457.

Book Chapters

B1. Handbook of RNA Biochemistry, 2nd edition
       Herausgeber: Prof. Roland K. Hartmann
      Kapitel zur Ligation von RNA, im Druck


C2. The how & why of looking at individual RNAs
       Hengesbach M., RNA Biol. 2019;16(9):1075–1076.

C1. Structural basis for regulation of ribosomal RNA 2'-O-methylation
       M. Hengesbach
, H. Schwalbe
       Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014 Feb 10;53(7):1742-4
       (Arbeit in deutscher Sprache: Angewandte Chemie, 2014. 126(7): p. 1770-1772)

 *: joint first authors