Registration Information

Transsexuality: Exploring a Challenge for Society at the Intersection of Theology and Neuroscience

The fillable form (PDF) for your application can be found here.

You may choose either to sign up for entire event from February 4 – 6, 2016, or to register for only one or two days.

For participation in the conference, we ask for a contribution to cover costs amounting to € 30 (the normal rate) / € 15 (the reduced rate, e.g., for students) for all three days, or for € 20 (the normal rate) / € 10 (the reduced rate, e.g., for students) to participate in only one or two days.

Once you have sent in the registration form (preferably via e-mail) and transferred your payment (bank details are on the registration form), we will send you confirmation of your registration. Your registration will then be binding.