M.Sc. Bioinformatics

The Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main was one of the first universities in Germany that established a Diploma’s study course in bioinformatics, in the winter term 2001/2002. Due to the Bologna process, the Diploma’s study course was converted into a Bachelor’s and a Master’s course in Bioinformatics.

The Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Bioinformatics started in winter term 2006/2007, the Master’s (M.Sc.) course in the winter term 2011/2012. Both courses are research-oriented, providing many possibilities for research internships. The Bachelor’s course starts with the basics and first applications to biology and medicine. The master’s course deepens the knowledge and provides various internships in different disciplines.

The Master’s course is strongly research-oriented. According to research centers in Frankfurt, it focuses on four main topics:
1. Network Analysis / Systems Biology
2. Sequence Analysis / Data Mining
3. Structure Analysis / Molecular Modeling
4. Neurobiological processes / Computational Neurobiology

Besides, you can optionally choose between many interesting specializations in different areas, ranging from medicine to theoretical computer science. In one term, a research internship at the Goethe-University or a research institute (Max-Planck-Institute, Helmholtz-Institute, and other) is scheduled. There is the possibility to go for the internship abroad. The Master’s thesis lasts one term.

For an overview see the Studienverlauf and for detailed information the Masterordnung.

We point out that the modalities differ for different faculties, in particular, with respect to the application for examination.
For modules of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, you have to apply for each examination via QIS (for written examination) or in the Prüfungsamt (for oral examination).
For modules of the Faculty Life Sciences, you are always registered.
Please, read up on the details in the Studienordnung.

Application Address and Procedure

You will find the application procedure at