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KARIN IKAS is adjunct professor (Apl. Prof.) at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main. She has already worked as an interim professor in the field of English and American Literatures and Cultures at the universities of Duisburg-Essen, Tübingen, Munich (LMU) and Frankfurt/Main. She studied at the universities of Würzburg (Germany) and Texas (UT Austin) and was a visiting scholar at various universities in the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. In 1999 she obtained her Ph.D. in English and American Literary and Cultural Studies and Didactics at the University of Würzburg with overall excellence (summa cum laude). Her Ph.D. thesis on “Modern Chicana Literature: An Intercultural Analysis” (published in German as Die zeitgenössische Chicana-Literatur: Eine interkulturelle Untersuchung [Heidelberg, Winter, 2000] won the Daimler Chrysler Foundation's “Academy Award for Intercultural Studies 2001.” Afterwards, she worked among others as a lecturer & research associate as well as an assistant professor & interim professor at the Institute of English and American Studies at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main. In 2010 she obtained her Habilitation (second Ph.D.) in Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Frankfurt/Main with a thesis on “’A Nation Forged in Fire’: Canadian Literature and the Construction of National Identity” (publication forthcoming).

She has published widely on English, Canadian, American, Australian, (Post-) Colonial and Gender Studies with particular emphasis on: multiethnic literatures; cultural memory; trauma, resilience & literary identity building processes; globalization & migration; war literature; cultural & medial exchange/transfer processes; transnational North American Studies; U.S. Latino/o literatures & cultures; cultural theory. Homi K. Bhabha (Harvard) prefaced her co-edited book Communicating in the Third Space published with Routledge (New York/London) in 2009. Harrassowitz publishing house (Wiesbaden) released her edited collection of critical essay entitled Global Realignments and the Canadian Nation in the Third Millennium (2010). Her latest release is the co-edited special issue of La revue LISA/LISA e-journal. Vol. XI-n°2 (2013) entitled Latinotopia-USA: International Perspectives on the Transforming USA in the 21st century. Online at: <http://lisa.revues.org/5261>.

Her teaching profile covers the full range of English and American Literary and Cultural Studies, including Postcolonial Studies and Didactics.

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