FAQ - Master


Admission and Enrolment

I have not finished my Bachelor’s degree. Can I apply for a Master’s program anyway?

This depends on the number of credit points (CP) you have obtained. At least 80% of the total amount of credits must have been obtained at the time of applying — this usually means a number of at least 144 CP (of 180 CP). Your transcript of records and grade point average must be sent to and verified by the registrar's office at Goethe-University.

If recently obtained credit points have not been recorded on your transcript, you should submit a letter from the registrar’s office of your university stating that you have taken the courses but the CPs have not been recorded yet.

The Bachelor’s degree must be submitted before the end of the first semester of study; otherwise you will be exmatriculated.

Can I apply simultaneously for more than one Master’s program at Goethe-University?

Yes, you may apply for up to three Master’s programs at the same time at Goethe-University. Please take note of the different procedures of application (for instance the Online Application Portal for Master’s programs or direct applications being sent to the department in charge). A list of programs and more information can be found on here.

I applied through the Online Application Portal for Master's program (in cooperation with uni-assist e.V.) – do I also have to send my documents by mail?

If you have obtained your undergraduate degree in Germany, you do not need to send your documents by mail. All documents can be uploaded.

If you have obtained your undergraduate degree outside of Germany, you have to send certificed copies of your documents (and if need be translations) by mail.

I have to send “certified copies” of my original documents. Where do I get certified copies? What are the requirements for a copy to be “certified”?

Goethe-University never asks to mail original documents, you are only required to send certified copies. These copies have to be “certified”, attesting that they are recognised as official copies or that the copy formally corresponds to the original.

Public authorities holding a seal are entitled to issue certified copies. In foreign countries certified copies may be obtained from German official representatives (Embassy/Consulate), notaries or, in some cases, universities.
In Germany you can request certifications from public authorities, notaries, municipal authorities (Ortsgericht) or resident registration offices (Einwohnermeldeamt or Bürgeramt).

Please note: It does not matter whether the original document was issued in Germany or abroad. International applicants who are submitting their application from Germany will as well receive certified copies of their original documents from one of those German public authorities.

If you bring the original documents to one of those authorised institutions, they can issue a certified copy of them.

The following requirements are necessary for a copy to be recognised as a certified official copy corresponding to the original document (see sample below):

  1. Endorsement that the copy is identical with the original (Beglaubigungsvermerk)
  2. The certifier's signature
  3. The copy stamped with the official seal

You can find an example of what a certified copy looks like here.

I am currently doing a Master’s program at Goethe-University and would like to apply for another Master’s program. Do I need to provide a change of major application?

There is no need to submit a change of major application. You can either apply through the Online Application Portal for Master's programs or directly at the department in charge. In order to find out how and where to submit your application, please read carefully the program descriptions. A list of all Master's programs offered at Goethe-University can be found here.

I have to submit a “transcript of records”. What is this and where do I get it?

The transcript of records (TOR) is a record of academic performance. It gives an overview of all the modules studied and scores obtained. It is usually issued by the registrar’s office. It lists academic achievements such as courses, achieved grades and credits, and a grade point average. If any of this information is missing, please request the information from the registrar’s office at your university and submit it.

Is it possible to submit my German language certificate after the deadline?

No. The DHS-2 (or any equivalent) certficate has to be submitted until the end of the application deadline. Any later submission cannot be considered.

I see that the first admission round has started and some students have already received admission letters. However, I have not received anything?

Admission letters are all sent out at the same time for each programme. If you have not received a letter after the first admission round, it is likely that you have not been selected for admission. If there are spots left after the first admission round, a second admission round will take place, and your application will automatically be considered again. Rejection letters will be sent out at the end of the entire admission process, which includes the second admission round.

How long do I have to wait before I receive an answer?

Your application is being checked formally through the Online Application Portal for Master's programmes (in cooperation with uni-assist e.V.) and subsequently delivered to Goethe-University. You will be notified by uni-assist e.V. if your application has been delivered to Goethe-University. Your application will then be evaluated by the department in charge. According to this evaluation, a ranking will be generated and admission letters will be sent out accordingly.

For programmes with admission limits, admission letters will be sent by mail approximately 4 to 8 weeks after the application deadline.

If you have not received an admission letter after the first admission round, it is possible to be admitted after the second admission round. Your application will automatically be considered for the second admission round.

I am not at home during admission period to receive the admission letter. What do I do?

You are responsible for your emails (also the junk-folder) and the mailbox to be checked regularly. In case you receive an admission letter, you have to make sure that the required actions are being taken for your admission to be completed within the given time frame (for instance accepting the offer by online-enrolment, mailing documents, transfering the semester contribution, etc.).

I have been accepted but am waiting to hear back from other universities. Can the stated registration period be extended?

Unfortunately, the deadline cannot be extended. If the deadline is being missed, the admission offer will be no longer effective according to § 19 section 2 of the Studienplatzvergabeverordnung Hessen.

However, if necessary you can withdraw from enrolment. In order to do so, you have to fill out the appropriate form and send it to us with the required documents (proof of payment, confirmation of enrolment and your (not yet validated) Goethe-Card). For more information and the required form, please refer to the Student Secretary Office website.

Do I have to enrol in person?

No, the first step is the online-enrolment. After that you will be requested to pay the semester fee and send your documents by mail, you do not need to enrol in person.
However, in order to collect your Goethe-Card (student ID), you have to pick it up in person with a valid ID and if necessary, a current residence certificate. If you are not able to pick it up yourself, someone you trust may pick it up for you. Therefore, they have to bring a front and back copy of your ID and their own ID as well.

When do I receive my Goethe-Card and student account information?

Briefly after you have submitted all your documents for the enrolment and payed the semester fee, your card will be issued and should be ready to be collected at the Studien-Service-Point. You will be notified when your card is ready to be collected. Along with your Goethe-Card, you will also receive the login details for your student account.

If you are not able to pick up your Goethe-Card personally, someone you trust may pick it up for you. Therefore, they have to bring a front and back copy of your ID and their own ID as well.

I did not apply during the application period. Can I still participate in the second admission round?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If there are open spots after the first admission round, a second admission round will take place but is only open to applicants who applied on time.

Are there still spots left? How can I participate in the lottery?

If it comes to a lottery for a Master's program, it takes place after the regular admission process, which consists of a first and second admission round. In order to participate, you have to register seperately for the lottery.

Please be aware that in case you are being drawn during the lottery and you win a spot for a Master’s programme, the department in charge must first confirm that you meet the admission requirements. Therefore, we recommend you to check these requirements with the department in charge during the time of the lottery. Without the department's approval, you will be not be allowed to enrol. More information and a link to register for the lottery can be found here.

I am enroled at Goethe-University but do not want to study now. What should I do?

You have time to withdraw from enrolment until the end of the first month of the semester (April 30 for the summer semester, October 31 for the winter semester). If you withdraw from enrolment during this period, you are considered to be not registered.

To withdraw, submit the following documents:

  • “Antrag auf Rücktritt von der Einschreibung” (withdrawal from enrolment form)
  • Proof of semester fee payment (bank statement)
  • All semester documents (confirmation of enrolment)
  • Goethe-Card – Please be aware that if you plan to withdraw from enrolment, you must not validate your Goethe-Card. If you validate your Goethe-Card and subsequently decide to withdraw from enrolment, you will not receive a refund for the semester fee you have paid already. Only validate your Goethe-Card once you are absolutely certain that you are going to study at Goethe-University.

Furthermore, there is a €30 fee for withdrawing from enrolment. The administrative fee that is included in the semester fee is non-refundable. Therefore, your total monetary refund will be reduced by €80.

More information and the withdrawal form can be found here.

I have been blocked from re-enroling, do I have to pay the semester social fee in spite of that?

Although you have been blocked from re-enroling, you have to pay the semester social fee within the period stipulated. You will be fined a late fee if you do not transfer the social fee on time. You will be unblocked from re-enroling as soon as you hand in your Bachelor’s certificate.

I have been accepted provisionally as I was not completely done with my Bachelor’s degree at the time of applying. Do I still have to hand in my Bachelor’s certificate?

If you have been accepted provisionally, your Bachelor’s certificate has to be submitted before the end of the first semester (no later than March 31 for the winter semester, respectively September 30 for the summer semester). You can either send a certified copy via mail or show a certified copy or the original in person to the Studien-Service-Center (Office Master-Zulassung und International Admissions). Please note that photocopies or digital versions of certified copies cannot be accepted. You will be un-blocked from re-enroling as soon as you have not submitted your Bachelor’s certificate.