After you apply – what happens next?

The applications are constantly processed as soon as they are submitted via the Uni assist online platform. The procedure takes 3 main steps:

  1. Our Uni assist branch in Berlin checks the online application and the documents you had to send per post. They verify whether you are in general eligible to study a Master’s programme in Germany and calculate your grades into the German system if need be. Afterwards, they forward your application to the MEAS Examination Board. This process could be delayed, if crucial documents are missing from your application. Uni assist will then inform you and ask for submission.

  2. The MEAS Examination Board checks whether your academic background and research proposal fulfill the requirements of the MEAS programme. The Board eventually decides about the admission.

  3. After a decision has been made, the MEAS coordinator will inform you via email immediately.
  • In case of admission to the programme: A letter of admission issued by the central student office will be sent to you. If any documents are still missing from your application, our department will inform you about the deadlines for submitting them.
  • In case you have not been admitted to the programme, you can inquire about more information. Please note, however, that the decisions are final.