Roos Keja, M.A.

Research Assistant

E-Mail: keja(at)

Key Areas of Research

mobile phones, mobility, civic engagement, child/youth participation, development and social change, children's rights, Koranic education, organised labour, Fulani, West Africa,Togo, Senegal, Cameroon

Current Project

Mobile phones and civic engagement in Togo

Key Fieldwork Expeditions

  • Feb–Mar 2015: Mobile phones in Sokodé (Central Togo) (PhD research)
  • Dec 2010–Feb 2011: Children’s perceptions of health in central Togo (Plan NL)
  • Aug 2008–Feb 2009: Mbororo (Fulani) generations in Bamenda, Cameroon (MA research)
  • Apr–Jul 2005: Begging Koranic pupils in Thiès, Senegal (MSc research)

Selected Publications


  • 2011: Keja, R.; Leliveld, A. & Zanou, P.: Words cannot be eaten, but they can give hope: perspectives for the trade union movement in Togo.
  • 2011: Children’s perceptions of health and community-based health insurance in central Togo. (Commissioned by Plan Netherlands and African Studies Centre)
  • 2009: Moving in and into the urban: Mbororo generations finding and creating a place in Bamenda, Cameroon. (M.Phil. thesis), Leiden University

Selected Lectures / Speeches

  • "The mobile phone as tool for enhancing civic engagement in Sokodé (Togo), Study day ‘Africa and Technology’, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Afrika Studies (NVAS), 17 Oct. 2015