Jarula M. I. Wegner, M.A.

Research Assistant and Doctoral Researcher


Jarula M. I. Wegner majored in German, English and Chinese studies at Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany), with stays at Jiaotong University Xi’an (China) and the University of the West Indies St. Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago). He received a B.A. in Chinese Studies and a M.A. in English Studies and German Studies from Goethe University in 2015. In the spring term 2016 he was Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (USA). In spring and summer 2017 he was Visiting Scholar at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago) and at the University of Warwick (England) funded by DAAD.

Research Interests

  • Memory Studies
  • Transculturality
  • Postcoloniality
  • Carnival
  • World Literature
  • Media Studies
  • Narratology
  • Gender/Queer Theory

Current research project

PhD project “Caribbean Carnival and the Production of Transcultural Memory: Literature, Media, Performances” (working title), supervisors: Prof. Dr. Astrid Erll and Prof. Dr. Frank Schulze-Engler

Selected publications (selection)

Monographs and Edited Volumes

  • Co-edited with Paul Vickers and Jelena Đureinović. Cultures of Memory between Travel and Locatedness. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter. forthcoming


  • “Kompetitiv Multidirektionale Erinnerung im Medium der Rap Musik.” Musik als Medium kulturellen Erinnerns. Lena Nieper and Julian Schmitz (eds.). Bielefeld: Transcript, 2016. 191-203.
  • “Kulturen und Geschichten des Vergessens“ (Book Review) in: H-Soz-Kult, 1 February 2017, <http://www.hsozkult.de/publicationreview/id/rezbuecher-26469?title=kulturen-und-geschichten-des-vergessens&recno=5&page=0&q=&sort=&fq=&total=14695>.
  • “New Directions and Challenges in Cultural Memory Studies: Past, Present, Future” (Conference Report), June 14 – 15, 2016 Giessen, in: H-Soz-Kult, 11 August 2016, <http://www.hsozkult.de/conferencereport/id/tagungsberichte-6655>.
  • with Erin Högerle “Provincializing European Memory” (Conference Report), September 24 – 25, 2015 Frankfurt/Main, in: H-Soz-Kult, 06.11.2015, <http://www.hsozkult.de/conferencereport/id/tagungsberichte-6232?title=provincializing-european-memory&recno=5&q=&sort=&fq=&total=6012>.
  • “The Disasters of Violence, War and Extremism” (Conference Report), 03.07.2015 – 04.07.2015 Frankfurt/Main, in: H-Soz-Kult, 03 August 2015, <http://www.hsozkult.de/conferencereport/id/tagungsberichte-6109>.

Functions and Activities

  • Co-Speaker of the Interdisciplinary Memory Studies Group (IMSG) at the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform

Selected presentations

  • “Creolising Theory,” Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association, University of Copenhagen, December 2017
  • “Lagahoo and Douen’s Return: Travelling Memories in Trinidad Carnival,” Uses of the Past, invited lecture at Aarhus University, Denmark
  • “Divided and Ruled? The Haunted Postcolony in Mustapha Matura’s Play Mas,” 41st Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies (UK), University of Essex, England, July 2017
  • “Constellations of Memory: Derek Walcott’s Last Carnival,” Memory, Politics and Performance in the Trinidad Carnival Complex, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, March 2017
  • “Wilson Harris and the Performance of Carnival Memories,” 10th Encuentro, eX-céntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, University of Santiago, Chile

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Frankfurt Memory Studies Platform
  • Member of the Frankfurt Humanities Research Centre
  • Member of the Memory Studies Organisation
  • Member of the PhD candidate working group “Transcultural Narratives” at GRADE, Goethe University


  • Freunde und Förderer der Goethe-Universität travel grant, December 2017
  • Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies travel grant, July 2017
  • DAAD scholarship for research at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the University of Warwick, England, 2017
  • Calliopean Prize for the best M.A. thesis in the years 2015-2016 at the Institute of England and America Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt
  • CSC Full Scholarship by the Chinese Scholarship Council to study one year at the Jiaotong University Xi’an, China

Teaching (selection)

  • Caribbean Carnivals, Proseminar, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Winter 2017
  • Differences, Frictions and Negotiations, Interdisciplinary Memory Studies Group for an interdisciplinary dialogue and joint work on key concepts in memory studies, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Winter 2017
  • Together with Prof. Astrid Erll: Memory Studies Colloquium and Interdisciplinary Memory Studies Group, a working group for interdisciplinary dialogue and joint work on key concepts in memory studies, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Winter 2016
  • Old and New Frontiers in Memory Studies, Interdisciplinary Memory Studies Group with international guest lectures, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Winter 2015