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General Information

The Universität des 3. Lebensalters is an educational institution at the Goethe-University Frankfurt for post-professional students who would like to engage in further academic training through seminars, lectures and research groups. Furthermore we provide the opportunity to approach the issues of aging and the participation in gerontological science projects. In our course catalog you can find a variety of seminars, lectures and study groups which are taking place during the semester.

Everyone interested in academic education is welcome. Participation is possible without further formal educational requirements. Students of the J.W.Goethe-Universität Frankfurt may attend without additional application.

Overall aims of the U3L

Overall aims of the U3L

With our study program we aspire to reach people who would like to pursue further academical education, regardless of their educational background, without an academical degree.

Our curriculum includes seminars, lectures and study groups following the range of courses of the Goethe-University, as well as events and projects regarding social gerontology.

Central aims

  • To familiarize the elderly with various results of scientific research to broaden their general education
  • To offer the opportunity to discuss questions of age, aging and the elder generation within a societal framework
  • Participation in research work in social gerontology
  • To encourage a meeting of generations by opening lectures and seminars to students of the Goethe-University

Gerontological research projects will be conducted with the direct involvement of all parties affected. Thereby making a

significant contribution to improve living situations and draw attention to the primary needs of the elderly and their integration into our society.

The Universität des 3. Lebensalters serves the purpose of gaining a new understanding of growing into a new social role and potential functions in honorary work programs as well as the purpose of providing the opportunity to gain new experiences and knowledge though an intellectual exchange of ideas.

The accompanying reading materials published by the U3L is highly recommended for all students.

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