How do I register for the U3L?

An application in written form and a tuition fee are required. The application form can be foundhereas well as in our course catalog. After processing your application you will receive your student number and a money transfer form with which you can pay the tuition fee.

When do I register?

Registration period:  Website for registration

How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee amounts to 110,00€ within the regular registration period. Within the extended registration period it increases to 120,00€.

Am I able to pay the tuition fee via credit card/cash/standing order payment?

No, that is not possible. Please use our standard money transfer form. If another money transfer form or online banking is used please make sure that you copy the exact information and student number.

Why do I need a student card?

The student card is evidence that you have paid the tuition fee. It should be carried along at all times to show upon request. The student card is not valid for regular lectures of the Goethe-University and regional public transport.

I paid already. Where is my student card?

Incoming payments are processed immediately. Upon first registration you will receive the U3L-Card directly. This can take up to two weeks.

For semester re-registration you can validate your card approx. two weeks after payment. You will not receive a new student card or acknowledgement of receipt for your payment.

How many lectures can I attend?

If you are registered and paid the tuition fee, there is no limit to the lectures you can attend.

How do I know when my lectures start?

If not stated differently all lectures start within the first week of the semester. See Semester time table.

How do I know if a lecture will take place as scheduled?

It is possible that lectures will not take place due to unforeseen circumstances in which case we try to inform our students as soon as possible. Please see our website for the latest changes.

Do I have to give notice of absence if I cannot attend a lecture or seminar?

If you plan on not attending for one whole semester it is sufficient not to register. If it concerns only certain lectures that you cannot attend due to personal circumstances it lies within your assessment to determine if a notice of absence is required (due to group size etc.).

I heard that in well-attended lectures (good) seats are taken very fast.

Overcrowding is still an unsolvable problem, especially at the start of a semester. We try to reserve large lecture halls but because of a lack of adequate lecture rooms we cannot always conform to these wishes. At the beginning a lot of students attend experimentally which is why the number of attendees decreases towards the end.

Attention! Please do not disturb ongoing lectures!

Where can I get a certificate of participation?

If requested we can issue a certificate of attendance for individual lectures. Pre-printed forms are available at our office or as a pdf-file here (certificate of attendance).

Are there lectures that I can attend experimentally without paying a tuition fee?

Our introductory meeting at the beginning of each semester is public and free of charge. In addition you can attend our public series of lectures free of charge. The student card is a requirement for all other lectures.

Can I bring friends?

For all lectures other than the public series of lectures you need a written permit which you can request at our office.

Do I measure up to educational requirements? Do I need special educational background to attend the lectures?

No, you do not need any educational background to register for the U3L, though general education is an advantage. As a beginner it is advised to attend our introduction lectures where further questions will be answered.

Am I too young or too old for the U3L?

No, age is not important for registration with the U3L.

What is the difference between the U3L and the Goethe-University?

The U3L is an independent Institution within the Goethe-University with its own curriculum for older adults who wish to engage in further education.

In addition there is the possibility to attend lectures as a guest auditor at the Goethe-University for which you need to register with the Goethe-University and pay a tuition fee. Every lecture need to be approved of from its lecturer.

Are there benefits for U3L-students in using public transportation (RMV)?

Students of the U3L are not students of the Goethe-University. Therefore they are not eligible to use public transportation through a student ticket.


FAQ – Internet usage

Do I need internet to study at the U3L?

Yes and no. Internet access has many advantages e.g. for literature information or information on the latest changes. But almost all of the information is also available in print in our office or the “yellow board”.

Does the U3L teach how to use the internet?

Partly. If you are a beginner it is advised to look into other institutions. There is information available in our office. For Students that already have basic knowledge of the internet we offer our lecture „Übungen zu Studienmethoden“.

Can I see the U3L syllabus online?

Yes. You can find our lectures here: or our website .

Am I able to use the internet connection on campus?

No. To use the internet connection you need an account with the university computer center which are solely reserved for Goethe-University students. U3L students are not students of the Goethe-University.

Are there online lectures?

No. Most of the U3L students prefer classroom teaching. However, some lecturers use the internet as a source for information or provide eLearning opportunities.