3 Tesla MR-Scanner: Siemens „Prisma“
- 1-Channel CP head coil with mirror system
- 20-Channel phased array head/neck coil with mirror system
- 32-Channel head coil with mirror system
- 64-Channel head/neck coil with mirror system
- Flex coil
- Spine coil
- Body 18 array
- Wrist coil
- Special purpose coil
- 31P/1H head coil for spectroscopy
- MR-compatible pneumatic headphones
- Pulse oximeter
- Breathing belt
- Positioning devices
- SYNGO Via workstation

Beamer for projection of visual stimuli:
- Mitsubishi XD3500 with Ultratele-Zoom-Lens (Mitsubishi OL-XD8000UZ)
- Projection screen
- MR-compatible projection screen (Nordic Neuro Lab)

Button response boxes
Current Design 4-button response boxes with fibreoptic leads for both MR scanners

MR-compatible glasses:
- 2 frames
- 1 set of lenses (+/-1.0 to +/-8.0 dioptre)

Video goggles with eye tracking system
Resonance Technology Video Goggles

Auditory equipment:
Opto Acoustics audio equipment (MR-compatible headphones and microphone) with noise cancellation

PC, Windows 7,  with software for stimulus presentation:
- Port for trigger pulses from MR scanner
- Software:
-- „Presentation“
-- Audacity
-- Matlab (2013b with network licence)
-- LibreOffice
-- Firefox
-- VLC
-- Sophos virus scanner

MR compatible EEG system (BrainProducts) with 32 channels:
- System with Amplifier, Battery , Charger, Syncbox and Analyzer software
- Set of EEG caps for different head sizes
- Additional box with connections for EMG and ECG electrodes