Advanced Physics Lab Courses

Further informations on the practical courses can be found on each of the institute's websites:

Institute for Applied Physics (german link) Administration: Prof. Holger J. Podlech

Institute for Biophysics (german link) Administration: Dr. G. Wille
To apply for the practical course in biophysics you have to have successfully participated in the compulsory optional lecture "Biophysics" ('Biophysik-Wahlpflicht').

Institute for Nuclear Physics (german link) Administration: Dr. Jens Wiechula

Physikalisches Institut (german link) Administration: Dr. M. Thomson und Priv. Doz. Dr. B. Wolf

Institute for Theoretical Physics (german link) Administration: apl. Prof. Dr. Eberhard Engel
Master students with a focus on Computational Physics only!

Please note that you have to be enrolled in a Master's course in physics to be able to participate in the research and lab practical course. 

Online-Application for all advanced practical courses for the sommer semester 2020
is possible between  March 15th 2018 and March 29th 2019  


Preliminary talks

Shared preliminary talks for the advanced practical courses are scheduled for April , 14th  2020, 9:00 in the physics lecture hall _0.111.

For those who applied: Please attend on any occasion or your practical courses place might be given to other contenders!