Microsoft Imagine

Free Microsoft software for members of the department of physics.

The department of physics participates in Microsoft's "Microsoft Imagine" program, which was formerly known as "DreamSpark" or "Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance" (MSDNAA).

This program allows free access to a wide selection of Microsoft software products for all students and members of the department of physics who work in research and teaching. Commercial or adiministrative use or passing the software to third parties is not allowd.

Eligible users:

  • Students who are enrolled in the department of physics
  • Lecturers who use the software for teaching purposes
  • Research assistants who use the software for teaching and their own academic education
  • Administrators who use the software in labs used for educational purposes

The software can only be accessed via download. You can find the access portal for your download by following this link

Access to the download portal requires registration. To get registred in advance, please send an email to Mr. Tiede:

For students: please attatch your certificate of study as pdf document to your email. You can download your certificate of study at

You need your email address to get identified at the download portal. Please use a Goethe-University email address for your registration. Student access is usually limited for one year and maybe renewed by request. For requesting a renewed access, please send your newest certificate of study to the email address below.

Your access codes is sent to you via email after the successful registration and activation of your account. You may then access the webstore and download the required software for free. 

Nach der Freischaltung durch den DreamSpark-Administrator erhalten Sie zeitnah eine E-mail von Microsoft mit Ihrem Zugangspasswort. Im Webstore können Sie dann die gewünschte Software auswählen und kostenfrei herunterladen. To be able to use the software, you have to agree to Microsoft's 'End User License Agreement' (EULA), (see also usage guidelines). You then get one registration key for a single installation of the program. You may request a second registration key if required (i.e. after changing hardware).

In addition to a single-user download of software, the program also offers the option for a "lab-wide installation", for example in computer pools or in research and education labs. If required, send an email to the address below.

Please contact Mr. Tiede for any further questions:
This only applies to questions regarding the technical handling of the software download! We cannot provide support for installation and use of the software. 

Microsoft Imagine Homepage

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