Study Evaluation – An Overview for Lecturers

You can find the printable pdf version here.

For a comprehensible and transparent process of study evaluation you can find an overview on the procedure of the evaluation process in the following table, ranging from the creation of an evaluation survey to the analysis and transfer of the results.

Dean of studies and student council choose which courses will be evaluated


Lecturer is contacted by studiumdigitale


Evaluation is processed


Analysis and transfer of the evaluation results

1 week before the first week of lectures


2.-3. week of lectures


In a given time frame of two weeks  

Before the end of the course (if possible)

• Ideally, two courses per lecturer should be evaluated

• Lectures, seminars and pro-seminars can be subject to evaluation

• Studiumdigitale sets a time frame of two weeks in which the evaluation has to be be processed 


• Lecturers state the number of students participating in their course

• Lecturers may add additional survey blocks to the standard evaluation survey if needed     

• Lecturers may also add own questions/items to the course's evaluation survey


• Evaluations are processed at a date chosen by the lecturer and the student council physics

• The evaluation surveys are collected by the student council or an independant student and transfered to Studiumdigitale. You can find more specifics on this process in the following  plan of procedures (german pdf)  


• Evaluation results should be discussed with the participating students before the end of the course

• Courses with less than 4 filled surveys are not counted 

• Hand written comments are not transfered to the lecturers in courses with less than 10 participating students unless they are transcribed to a typewritten form by the student council

At this point, lecturers are encouraged to personalize their evaluation forms by adding additional survey blocks concearning tutorials, e-learning and e-lecture. Lecturers may also add personal questions to their evaluation surveys.

It is possible to evaluate your course online. You can find specific information on the process of online-evaluation on this link (german pdf).

When you do an online-evaluation you have to generally bear in mind that

• the number of filled surveys might be lower
• online-evaluations are based on a different population of students than pen&paper evaluations (which generally represent only physically present students)
• the lecturer has to transfer a list of e-mail addresses of the students to Studiumdigitale in advance so that access links for the online-evaluation can be sent via e-mail or be processed via OLAT.

For any question regarding evaluations you may also contact:

Studiumdigitale: Jana Niemeyer: Phone: 24618
Student council physics: Carolin Delleske:  

Empfehlung der KFP zur guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis bei Qualifikationsarbeiten (Guidelines for proper scientific work in qualifying works and thesises by the conference of physics faculties; german PDF)