Kierkegaard, Communication & Mass Media

International Scientific Research Project (November 2016-December 2017)

Contact person at Goethe University Frankfurt: Prof. Dr. Heiko Schulz
Contact person at Technical University Darmstadt: AkadR Dr. Gerhard Schreiber

The project is managed by Central European Research Institute of Søren Kierkegaard and The Department of Journalism at Constantine the Philosopher University Nitra (Dr. Martina Pavlikova, Doc. Marcela Antošová and Prof. Dr. Roman Kralik).


Participating Institutions:

  • Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia (Faculty of Arts)
  • Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany (Chair for Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion)
  • Technical University Darmstadt, Germany (Institute for Theology and Social Ethics)
  • University of Granada, Spain (Faculty of Political Sciences & Sociology) 


  • Abrahim Khan (Canada)
  • Gerhard Schreiber (Germany)
  • Primoz Repar (Slovenia)
  • Roman Kralik (Slovakia)
  • Martina Pavlikova (Slovakia)
  • Marcela Antošová (Slovakia) 
  • Jose Garcia Martin (Spain)
  • Peter Kondrla (Slovakia)
  • Michal Valčo (Slovakia)
  • Katarína Valčová (Slovakia)
  • Dorota Probucka (Poland) 
  • Maja Jakimovska Tosic (Macedonia)
  • Martin Štúr (Slovakia) 
  • Klement Mitterpach (Slovakia) 
  • Vladimir Manda (Slovakia) 

The project partners have concurred on the following research goals:

(1) to analyze Kierkegaard’s theory of direct and indirect communication;

(2) to identify the historical background of Kierkegaard’s particular approach and to compare it to modern role and nature of modern mass media communication;

(3) to cover the materials in corresponding lectures at the University;

(4) to publish several scientific monographs,  which will summarize the findings of the research and help to disseminate the results of the project to general public.

The project partners have concurred on the following project outcomes:

  • Kierkegaard's Legacy, Mass Media and Journalism/ La herencia de Kierkegaard, los mass medias y el periodismo.  (published by Kierkegaard Circle, University of Toronto, Canada)
  • La verdad y la mentira en los medlos de comunicacion/ The Truth and the lie in Mass-media (published in Spain or Slovenia)
  • Kierkegaard's influence on Philosophy, Theology and Literature/ Kierkegaardov vplyv na filozofiu, teologiu a literaturu (published by the Kierkegaard Circle, University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Existentialism in Modern Prose and Literature with Reference to Soren Kierkegaard  (published by the Kierkegaard Circle, University of Toronto, Canada)