Procedure for awarding the Prize for Good Teaching

At their meeting on 23.11.2016, the Faculty Council of physics has decided on a procedure for the annual award of a Prize for Good Teaching. The following procedure is thus provided:

  • Students and other members of the faculty propose candidates until the 31st of March of the same year.   
  • The Student's Council and the Dean of Studies take a stance on the proposed candidates.
  • A winner is selected by a prize committee, which is composed as follows:
     four student members of the study commission, two other members of the study commission and a representative of the "Frankfurter Vereins für Physikalische Grundlagenforschung e.V."
  •  The Prize is then awarded at the annual academic celebration 

Criteria to be considered for the Prize for Good Teaching

The lecturer has distinguished himself or herself by:

  • Providing an outstanding quality of courses
  • Displaying special commitment to his or her student's interests or
  • Contributing a high quality innovation for teaching

Desirable additional qualities

  • Participation in activities for a structural improvement of the study situation
  • Research-oriented teaching
  • Special commitment to teaching inexperienced and new students 

Students and other faculty members may submit their proposals in electronic form to the Dean's Office. The proposals may refer to an individual or a group of persons and must contain a justification which takes into account at least some of the above-mentioned criteria.