Career Options and Qualifications

Qualifications and Career Options

Pursuing a master degree in Science and Technology Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt will expose students to important critical debates on how science and technology can be seen as situated practices, by focusing scholarly attention on science and technology as human-made and entangled in wider historical, social, and political contexts. The master program focuses on three thematic modules: Technologies of Governance, Cultures and Markets, and Economies of Life.

As a research-intensive academic program, STS at Frankfurt offers students the opportunity to work with an emphasis on ethnographic research and praxeological approaches to understand how the political and cultural is always part of science and technology. STS prepares students for careers that address the broader social, cultural and political place of science, technology and medicine. In addition to academic careers in STS, students can pursue careers in a variety of professional fields interested in understanding scientific and technological change and its intersections with social, political, and economic dynamics. Among those fields may be technology assessment, user research, participatory design, science policy, NGO work, journalism, urban planning, museums, and similar.

The institute also offers the opportunity of building on the MA Program, and working towards a PhD in STS.