Welcome to the Institute of German Literature and its Didactics

The Institute of German Literature and its Didactics is one of four Institutes at the German Department. It comprises three major fields of German studies:

Medieval Literature
Contemporary Literature

Literary Didactics

Teaching and research of The Institute of German Literature and its Didactics covers the entire historical spectrum of German literature from its beginnings until the present, with an emphasis on literary history, literary theory, and cultural theory. The historical focus of the department lies on medieval and early-modern literature, the Age of Goethe and Romanticism, Modernism and contemporary literature. Faculty research ranges from medieval literature in the European context to critical editions of German literature in Latin, aesthetic theory from the 18th century to contemporary Commodity Aesthetics, poetics beyond national paradigms, such as transmigration, diaspora, hybridity, to the (Inter-)mediality and materiality of literature.
Research in The Department of Didactics focuses on the didactics of literature, literary learning, and reading socialization.
Additionally, both the Center for Writing at the Goethe-University and the Continuing Education Program in Book und Media Practice are affiliated with the department.
The Frankfurt German Institute also houses the long-standing Lectureship in Poetics, the oldest of its kind in Germany (conferred once a term to an author), works in close cooperation with the Free German Hochstift (known for its Goethe-Haus and distinguished literary archive), and benefits from its location in the bustling, culturally-ambitious literary city of Frankfurt with its annual internationally-renowned book fair.
Furthermore, our Dutch Department offers courses in Dutch language as well as seminaries in Dutch culture and literature.

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