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You can below access the private library of Søren Kierkegaard, as it has been reconstructed in the Auction Catalogue of 1856; the catalogue is ordered according to rubrics and subsequent numbering. For further information concerning the sources, we recommend the published hardcover edition The Auction Catalogue of Kierkegaard's Library, edited by Katalin Nun, Gerhard Schreiber and Jon Stewart (Farnham: Ashgate 2015).

Hints: Most of the sources have a link to an external website, indicated by blue font. In some cases the source is available only on our digital archive server; this is indicated by 'FRANKFURT SERVER'. To gain access to these files you will need an invitation and registration. Please download, fill out and send us the request attached below. If a source is not linked (blue font) to an external website and/or is marked as N.A, it is still under reconstruction and will be added as soon as possible. For your offline-work you can download all files as PDF from the external websites or the digital archive; but pay attention to the intellectual property rights.

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