Hong Kong Exchangeprogramme

Introduction to the Exchange Programme

Why Exchange?

An impression of the Westend Campus of the Goethe-University Frankfurt, looking towards the humanities building.

The Goethe-University Frankfurt closely cooperates with the University of Education Hong Kong. In this cooperation, two students are exchanged during a 7-week period. This takes place once a year and opens up opportunities for four students to have new experiences, look into different educational systems, work closely with local university personnel and get a broad intercultural experience. Apart from that, it will achieve a step in personal development for the students concerned, but also for the people that they meet and interact with.

This year, our students Gloria Fears-Heinzel and Mara Drognitz are leaving Frankfurt mid August to stay at the Education University of Hong Kong for six weeks. In exchange, E.J. and Halie visit the Goethe University from mid June to late Juli. E.J. and Halie were encouraged to visit seminars, help at the office of the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Training ('ABL'), which is a part of the Goethe University and commisioned with all that concerns the education of educational students on top of their regular seminars and teachers that are already practicing.

CDIP - The Carreer Development Internship Programme

The Exchange Programme between The Education University of Hong Kong and the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

The Career Development Internship Programme (CDIP) provides students with various opportunities to work overseas. Students get the beneficial chance to experience different cultures and working environments. The programme is also a good way to broaden students' horizons as well as their global perspectives in addition to promoting students' independence -and optimism.

Hong kong austausch1

From top left to right: Felix, Ken, Disney. In the front, from left to right: Gloria, Mara, E.J. and Halie (picturesource: private).

Our exchange students have been diligent at the office, around the university and at schools. You can find their blogreports on this website. E.J. and Halie's is in English, Gloria ad Mara's is in German. Click on the links below to read.

Read the Blogreports on the Exchange Programme