“Bedlam Castle” on “Monkey’s Rock”—an “Institute for Epileptics and the Insane”

Readers may be astonished, and perhaps amused, to learn that a man by the name of “Eric the Rhymer, the Children’s Friend” was once responsible for the erection of a certain “Bedlam Castle” on “Mutton Meadow by Monkey’s Rock”. If they were to take this for the beginning of a children’s story rather than a historical fact, they would not be too wide of the mark. More

The Ice Cellar on “Monkey’s Rock”

If one takes a closer look at the library in the Psychology, Education and Social Sciences Building (PEG building) on the Westend Campus, one will discover in the basement the remains of an ancient building displayed in a rather unusual manner. A round, tower-like structure rises up strikingly into the ground floor, where two walls forming a shaft-like entrance protrude from one side. Modern concrete foundations stabilise the whole. To this day, the building’s historical significance remains an enigma. More

Josef Mengele

„I still remember Mr. Mengele, as he stood there with his feet wide apart, pointing his thumb all the time to the right or to the left. I had no idea what those thumb movements really meant – and that this man standing there was master over life and death. Then I was sent to the showers together with other women. I didn’t know that this also could have been a gas chamber. But one hour in Auschwitz was enough to know that. After one hour in Auschwitz, I knew exactly where I was: in hell.” Trude Simonsohn, Auschwitz survivor, 2013.

„Not knowing this past means not knowing oneself.” Raul Hilberg, 2007