The Permanent Exhibition “From Grüneburg to Westend Campus”

A total of ten topic areas, each accompanied by historical illustrations and photographs, provide a summary history of the present-day Campus Westend, the IG Farben Building, and the uses to which it has been put. The exhibition is located on the 1st to 5th floors of the IG Farben Building, next to the central cross-wings (Q3 and Q4).

To view the exhibition chronologically, we recommend beginning your tour on the 5th floor at cross-wing Q4 and visiting each of the first five sections in turn, descending floor-by-floor to the 1st floor. On the 1st floor, go to the sixth section at the opposite cross-wing (Q3) and continue the tour by ascending floor-by-floor to the tenth and last section on the 5th floor at Q3.

The plan of the exhibition indicates the direction of the tour. The suggested order of the historical topic areas (1 – 10) corresponds to their chronological sequence.

The section titles are as follows:

1: In the Country
2: A German Trust
3: Power Center and Workplace
4: Hans Poelzig (1869-1936)
5: Common Interests
6: War Industry and Holocaust
7: IG Farben in Liquidation
8: US Headquarters in Europe
9: Little America in Frankfurt
10: A Center of Intellectual Activity

© Frankfurt Humanities Research Centre; Image: Universitätsarchiv Frankfurt