Organizational matters

Pls. find the UPDATED presentation from the orientation event (winter term 20/21) here.

Open a Master's account at the examination office

In order for the examination office "Prüfungsamt für Geistes-, Kultur- und Sportwissenschaften" (PGKS) to record your credit points or examination results or to organize your attendance at exams you have to open a „Master’s account". Your Master’s account must be active before the end of your first Master’s semester and before registering for your first module examination. You can find the form „Application for Master’s Exam Admission“ (Antragsformular Masterprüfung) via the direct link to the download from the PGKS website (pdf file) or alternatively via the general information page on the Master STS. In order to open a Master’s account, the filled out form must be send or handed in to Marianne Köhler at the examination office of PGKS. The examination office PGKS is located at Campus Bockenheim, building „Juridicum“, Senckenberganlage 31, 3rd floor, room 355.

Important links:

Studienordnung (in German only)

Rahmenordung des Fachbereichs 09 (in German only)+

Academic conformation form

Attendening courses from human geography and sociology for your obligatory module

To enroll in courses offered by the sociology department, please register for the course via QIS/LSF. You can only enroll in the second phase ("Freie Anmeldung"). Please let us know if you can't get a place.

Exams (MAP, Modulabschlussprüfung): Registration, Withdrawal, Illness

Registering for module exams is mandatory and binding. Without registering, you cannot take the exam. Registration for the exams is conducted via QIS/LSF. All deadlines for registration, withdrawing or retaking exams will be announced on this website as well as on the website of the examination office PGKS. If you are taken ill and cannot participate in the exam, you must inform the PGKS. Please use the official form by PGKS, to let a medical professional certify your inability to take the exam. You have to hand in the medical certification at PGKS within three days. If you do not follow these instructions, the exam will be rated "insufficient; 5,0". Please find more information on this in the PGKS FAQ (German-language).

Overview of exam results or credit points

You can find an overview of your exam results or credit points at your QIS/LSF-account, which is administered by PGKS. The institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology will also make a physical copy of your credit ("Modulscheine") available to you, which you can pick up at the student assistant office.

Registration for the Master's thesis

After agreeing on who will be advisor and second reviewer of your MA thesis, you have to register the thesis and its final title at PGKS. According to examination regulations, there is a 5 (five) months thesis processing time after registering your MA thesis. You can find the form „Registration for Master's Thesis Submission“ (Anmeldung zur Masterarbeit) via the direct link to the download from the PGKS website (pdf file) or alternatively via the general information page on the Master STS.

You find more relevant information on the requirements for a Master thesis in our handout.