Silvia Anastasijevic, M. A.


Doctoral Researcher

Silvia Anastasijevic is a PhD candidate at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. She studied English and American Studies at Goethe University and graduated with a Magistra Artium degree in November 2014. In her PhD thesis, she examines “Transcultural Humorscapes in Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media” (working title). Her supervisors are Prof. Dr. Frank Schulze-Engler and Prof. Dr. Astrid Erll.

Research Interests

  • Anglophone Literatures and Cultures
  • Postcolonial and Transcultural Studies
  • Humor Studies
  • Indigenous Literatures and Cultures
  • (Trans-) Media Studies
  • Gender Studies

Functions and Activities

  • Chair of the Postgraduate Forum “Postcolonial Narrations 2018”
  • Co-Organizer of the international symposium “Entanglements: Envisioning World Literature from the Global South“ at the Department for New Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at Goethe University (January 2016)
  • Treasurer of the Calliopean Society e. V.

Selected presentations

  • “Toward a Theory of Transcultural Humor.” 29th Annual Conference of the International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS), Université du Quebec à Montréal, Canada, 11.07.2017
  • “Transcultural Humor and the City: Cross-cultural Encounters in Urban Spaces.” 16th Triennial Conference of the European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (EACLALS), University of Oviedo, Spain, 03.04.2017
  • “Inside/Outside the Joke: Forms of Exclusion and Inclusion in Transcultural Humor.” 17th Triennal Conference of the Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (ACLALS), Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 12.07.2016
  • “Transcultural Narratives in Anglophone Humor: The Case of Stand-Up Comedy.” 28th Annual Conference of the ISHS, Dublin, Ireland, 30.06.2016
  • “Transcultural Humorscapes in Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media: Humorous Representation and Communication in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America.” 27th Annual Conference of the Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (GAPS), Augsburg, Germany, 06.05.2016

Professional Memberships

  • GAPS
  • ISHS
  • SciMento (Mentee of the mentoring program for female scientists in Hesse, Germany)
  • GRADE (Goethe Graduate Academy) and the working group “Transcultural Narratives” at GRADE


  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) travel grant to the Université du Quebec à Montréal in Canada, July 2017
  • Vereinigung von Freunden und Förderern der Goethe-Universität travel grant to the University of Oviedo in Spain, April 2017
  • Department of New Anglophone Literatures and Cultures (NELK) travel grant to Stellenbosch University in South Africa, July 2016