Lab "Stable Isotopes"

Joint venture between Goethe University and BIK-F

Head: Prof. apl. Dr. Jens Fiebig

The stable isotopic composition of geomaterials reveals important constraints on their origins, formation temperatures and alteration histories. Our laboratory is equipped with 2 MAT 253 gas source mass spectrometers, 2 MAT 253Plus gas source mass spectrometers, and gas preparation devices enabling the following routine analyses:

  • high-precision dual clumped isotope (Δ48 and Δ47) analysis of CO2 and carbonates
  • clumped isotope (Δ47) analysis of small-sized carbonates using the Kiel IV
  • bulk carbon and oxygen isotope analysis of carbonates
  • bulk oxygen isotope analysis of silicates
  • bulk H- and O-isotope analysis of waters
  • molecular-specific bulk carbon isotope analysis of gaseous hydrocarbons
  • bulk H-isotope analysis of OH-bearing silicates
  • bulk C- and N-isotope analysis of bulk organic matter
  • bulk S isotope analysis of S-bearing minerals
  • bulk H-, C-, N-, O- and S isotope analysis of volcanic gases (H2O; CO2, CH4; N2, H2)
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