Jessica Zirkel

Ph.D Student

Micropaleontology & Paleoceanography Group

Reseach area:

  • Micropaleontology
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Paleoceanography
  • Biogeochemistry

Research interest:

  • I am interested in reconstructing paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic conditions during critical periods in earth history.
  • My current research is focused on the environmental/climate end-member representatives such as the mid Oligocene Oi-2b maximum glaciation event and the weak late Oligocene Oi-2c glaciation event using stable isotopes and Mg/Ca ratios of benthic foraminifers.
  • I am particularly interested in deciphering Oligocene climate dynamics and the impact on equatorial paleoproductivity at orbital to suborbital time-scales from the Central Eastern Pacific Ocean.