Sebastian Witt

Personal data

Year of birth              1988

Professional Career

2015 - present     Ph.D. student, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main


Crystal growth and characterization of strongly correlated electron systems; MnSi; YbRh2Si2; isotopes


Winter term 2015/16 - present       Coordinator and Supervisor of the "basic physics lab course - part I" (250 - 400 students each term)
Summer term 2015       Supervisor of the "basic physics lab course - part I" (8 students)

Supervised students

Current Master students:       Susanna Rongstock, Ali Scherzad
Current Bachelor students:       Demian Ranftl
Supervised Bachelor theses:       Ali Scherzad, Doan-My Tran, Thanh Duc Nguyen


German conference on crystal growth, 4th-6th March 2015 in Frankfurt am Main (Coordination)


2017 - 2019             Integration of the inverted classroom in the basic physics lab course "Physikalisches Anfängerpraktikum Teil 1" (eLearning funding)

Professional Services

2017 - 2019             Spokesman of the research assistants of the Institute of Physics

Scientific Certificates / Degrees

Master of Science         Physics, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, "Crystal growth and characterization of organic charge transfer salts", thesis supervised by Prof. C. Krellner
Bachelor of Science                  Physics with a focus on information technology, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, "Computer-based temperature control of a high-resolution measurement of elastic constants in quantum spin systems ", thesis supervised by Prof. M. Lang

Academic Education

2009 - 2015                 Studies of Physics with a focus on information technology, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1999 - 2008     Karl-Rehbein-Gymnasium, Hanau, Germany


  1. M. Pohlit, S. Witt, M. Akbari, C. Krellner and J. Müller, Magnetic stray field detection as guidance for electronic transport measurements in the B-T phase diagram of MnSi, Acta Physica Polonica Series A 133(3):582-584 (2018).
  2. A. Chernenkaya, A. Morherr, S. Backes, W. Popp, S. Witt, X. Kozina, S. Nepijko, M. Bolte, K. Medjanik, G. Öhrwall, C. Krellner, M. Baumgarten, H.-J. Elmers, G. Schönhense, H. Jeschke and R. Valenti, Microscopic origin of the charge transfer in single crystals based on thiophene derivatives: a combined NEXAFS and densitx functional theory approach, J. Chem. Phys. 145, 034702 (2016)
  3. A. Morherr, S. Witt, A. Chernenkaya, G. Schönhense, J.-P. Bäcker, M. Bolte and C. Krellner, Crystal growth of new charge-transfer salts based on p-conjugated donor molecules, Physica B 496, 98 (2016).
  4. H. Yasuoka, K. Motoya, M. Majumder, S. Witt, C. Krellner, M. Baenitz, Chiral magnetism in an itinerant helical magnet, MnSi - An extended 29Si NMR study, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 85, 073701 (2016).