TransmissionElectronMicroscope - TEM

TEM is one of the basic instruments to study matter at the nanometer scale. In contrast to methods limited to surface characterisation TEM provides detailed information on the structure and chemistry of materials at their basic level.


  • Accelerating voltage: 200 kV
  • LaB6 -kathode
  • Twin lens
  • Energy Dispersive Analysis with ultra thin window
  • STEM bright-field/dark-field detectors
  • Gatan multiscan camera
  • Gatan Image Filtering system GIF with EELS spectroscopy


  • conventional electron microscopy (bright-field/dark-field imaging)
  • chemical analysis (EDAX, EELS)
  • elemental mapping (EDAX, EELS)
  • image analysis
  • electron diffraction, convergent beam electron diffraction CBED

Prof. Dr. Frank E. Brenker
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