Arzneimittelforschung – 2-semestrig für Studierende mit Abschluss (Master of Science)
(Drug research - 2 semester for students with 2nd state exam pharmacy)

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Special regulations (due to COVID19) for applications to the Master's programmes 

Conditions of admission



Course content
and focus areas 

The research-oriented master's program in “Drug Research - 2-semester for students with a 2nd state exam degree in pharmacy [AMF 2 Sem für Pharma]” is designed for pharmacists who have completed the second section of the pharmaceutical examination (2nd state examination / university education) and want to gain deep insights into pharmaceutical research.

The AMF Master's Program (2 Sem für Pharma) builds on the pharmaceutical competences acquired in the State Examination Course. (Therefore, compared to the 4-semester program AMF (4 Sem für BSc), the first two semesters, which convey the necessary pharmaceutical competences, can be omitted.)

In the two semesters of the study program AMF (2 Sem für Pharma), the competences of scientific work are acquired and strengthened (research phase) by means of two major individual research internships (one can also be completed abroad or in the industry) and finally the master's thesis by working on current research topics. These research-oriented modules are accompanied by courses that deepen the various areas of drug discovery, from drug design to regulatory requirements in drug development and drug quality control. As part of the study program, students get to know the entire value chain of pharmaceuticals. With a view from different disciplines and a high degree of interdisciplinarity, the graduates become a link in optimal drug research, with fields of activity both in research institutions and in industry.

The master study program “Drug Research - 2-semester for students with a 2nd state exam degree in pharmacy [AMF 2 Sem für Pharma]” is taught in German.


Information from the department
Study regulations


Master of Science Drug research - 2 semesters for graduate students 2nd state exam pharmacy


The standard period of study is 2 semesters

Languages of instruction


Start of the programme

The study program can be started in the winter and summer semester

Student advisory service

Contact persons can be found here

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Conditions of admission

Admission prerequisites

  • Proof of the second section of the Pharmaceutical Examination (2nd state exam pharmacy) or proof of at least equivalent foreign qualification in pharmacy with the aim of practicing the profession of a pharmacist, with a standard period of study of at least eight semesters Applicants with a foreign degree must contact the study counseling (Studienfachberatung) before applying!
  • Applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification and a foreign undergraduate degree must also demonstrate sufficient knowledge of German according to the DSH regulations

Provisional admission

If the graduation certificate for the second section of the pharmaceutical examination (2nd state examination in pharmacy) is not yet available when applying for a master's degree program, a provisional admission to the master's program AMF (2 Sem für Pharma) can be applied for. For this purpose, the respsonsible authority of the previous university must certify that at least 80 percent of the required certificates of admission to the second section of the pharmaceutical examination (2nd state examination in pharmacy) (certificates, “Scheine”) have been successfully completed. Furthermore, a provisional average grade must be included (form).

The provisional average grade is calculated as an average grade from the four best grades of the certificates from the subjects E-I of the main course, whereby the four selected certificates must cover at least three different subject areas. The certificate of the 2nd state examination must be handed in at the end of the first semester, if successful, otherwise the admission expires and the enrollment is to be withdrawn. The examination board decides on the provisional admission.

Mode of admission

The degree course is restricted.

The selection is made on the basis of the grade or provisional average grade of the previous degree and the result of a selection interview. Here are the dates of the interviews. No alternative dates can be offered. No-shows for the interview are rated with the worst rating (5). If the number of applicants exceeds three times the number of places to be awarded, a ranking is made according to the grade or preliminary grade of the previous degree. The best applicants for this ranking will be invited to the selection interview.

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Documents to be submitted

  • If you are not already enrolled at the Goethe University: Copy of the university entrance qualification
  • Certificate on the second section of the pharmaceutical examination (2nd state examination in pharmacy)
  • (for foreign certificates: please also include a certified copy in English or German)
  • Personal data sheet (CV)
  • If you have not yet completed your undergraduate degree program: form 
  • If you have not acquired your first undergraduate degree at a German university: Be sure to contact the study counseling (Studienfachberatung) before applying!
    - Proof of German language skills. Further information about the required German language skills can be found here
    - APS certificate for applicants from Vietnam and PR of China (original)

Deadline for applications

April 1 - July 1 for the winter semester
November 15 - January 15 for the summer semester

Address for applications

Online application portal for Master's study programmes

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