Internationalisation of Teacher Education

Advanced teacher trainings

For German and International schools abroad

Andreas Hänssig, the contact person in the area of international teacher education from the ABL, regularly offers interesting teacher trainings.

These workshops deal with various topics: Predominantly, they are meant to guide teachers to collaboratively work with the students from the Goethe-University, who are planning and completing their internships at the respective school abroad. Furthermore, the workshop aims to explain co-teaching-methods and forms of implementation are imparted practically. Another important aspect of these trainings is to become familiar with chances and challenges of language-sensitive subject teaching. Andreas Hänssig supports this process in providing expedient methods for interacting with heterogenous learning groups.

Workshops and experience reports:

2022: Twin Cities Immersion School St. Paul (Minnesota) & German International School Sydney

2023: German European School Singapore & International German School Ho Chi Minh City  

First Conference on Internationalisation of Teacher Education

Challenges and possibilities for better acknowledgement and comparability of qualifications - equivalent in lieu of uniform

From left to right; Mr. Lenz (President of the Hessian Teacher Academy), Dr. Worek (Hessian Teacher Academy), Prof. Dr. Elsner (Goethe-University, director of internationalisation at the ABL) and Mr. Schudlich (ABL). Picturesource: ABL.

On the 29th and 30th of April, the first conference on internationalisation of teacher education took place at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, in cooperation with the Hessian Teacher Academy (Hessischen Lehrkräfteakademie) and the Academy for Education Research and Teacher Education (Akademie für Bildungsforschung und Lehrerbildung / ABL).

More information on the conference, the program and two speeches you can find here (Pdf in German).

November 2017: Results of the DAAD Conference "Opportunities and Challenges of Staying Abroad"

Results in Pageflow Format

At the DAAD conference on the hurdles and opportunities of study-related mobility abroad, which took place on 19 and 20 June 2017 in Essen, students had a central voice.

The results are now available in pageflow format through this link (German only).

A conversation between executives of education and students who were abroad, in which Mr. Hänssig took part, can be found in this video (German only).

Source: DAAD Website