Thedini Asali Peiris

Postgraduate Research Assistant


Mail: ThediniAsaliPeiris(at)
Tel.: +49 (0)69-798-40217
Room: Geozentrum, 3.112

Research Interests

  • Climate change trend analysis and impact assessment
  • Hydrological modelling
  • Water Engineering and management
  • Ecosystem services
Thedini Asali Peiris

Curriculum vitae

  • From 02/2018: Postgraduate research assistant, Institute of Physical Geography, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 06/2016 – 12/2017: Research Associate, School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 08/2014 – 05/2016: Master in Water Engineering and Management, School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 09/2010 – 05/2014: Bachelor of Science in engineering in Civil and Infrastructural Engineering, school of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Babel S. and Peiris A. T. A. (June, 2017). Climate Change and Potential Impacts on Landslides. Presented at: International Workshop on Landslide Risk Assessment and Management, NECTEC, Thailand Science Park, Thailand.
  • Peiris A. T. A., Shrestha S. and Ninsawat S. Trend Analysis of Meteorological Variables in Ping River Basin, Thailand. Poster presented at: Regional Forum on Climate Change (RFCC) - Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Societies: Bridging Science, Practice, and Policy; 2015 July 1-3, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Peiris A. T. A. and Miguntanna N. (2012). Analysis of Nutrients in Kurunegala Lake, Sri Lanka. In Miguntanna N. (ed.), SAITM Research Symposium on Engineering Advancements (SAITM – RSEA) 2012 (pp. 72-74). Malabe, Sri Lanka, SAITM.


  • Supporting risk assessment and adaptation at multiple spatial scales: Co-development of methods to utilize uncertain multi-model based information on freshwater-related hazards of climate change (CO-MICC)
  • MK25: Developing an operational framework for river health assessment in the Mekong River Basin (MK25)
  • Evaluation of climate change impacts and suitable adaptation strategies for crop production and its environmental and economic implications in vulnerable regions of Thailand and India.
  • Flood risk assessment for Dungsumchu Basin in Samdrupjhomkar District, Bhuthan (CTCN: Bhutan)


  • ‘The Highest Award’ at HydroAsia 2015, which is awarded by the Ministry of Education South Korea (2015).
  • ‘HRM King Scholarship’ , which is awarded by the King of Thailand (2014 -2016).


Institute of Physical Geography
Hydrology Group

Mailing address
Institute of Physical Geography
Goethe University Frankfurt
Altenhöferallee 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Campus Riedberg
Altenhöferallee 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main

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