Dr. M.Eng. Martin Seeliger

Dr. M.Eng. Martin Seeliger


Reconstructing palaeoenvironments using multi-proxy tools: sedimentology,  granulometry, micropalaeontology

Human-environment interactions and Geoarchaeology

Sea-level research and Coastal Geomorphology

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2011: Diploma in Physical Geography and 1st state examination for teaching in secondary schools in Geography, Economics and Educational Sciences; Philipps-University Marburg/Germany

2016: Dr. rer. nat. in Physical Geography; University of Cologne/ Germany

2021: M.Eng in Geoinformatics, University of Applied Sciences Mainz/ Germany

Since 07/2018 Research Fellow; Institute of Physical Geography; Goethe-University Frankfurt


SEELIGER, M., PINT, A., FRENZEL, P., MARRINER, N., SPADA, G., VACCHI, M., BASARAN, S., DAN, A., SEEGER, F., SEEGER, K., SCHMIDTS, T. & H. BRÜCKNER (2021): Mid- to Late-Holocene sea-level evolution in the north-eastern Aegean Sea. (just accepted) download

ALTMEYER, M., SEELIGER, M., GINAU, A., SCHIESTL, R. & J. WUNDERLICH (2021): Reconstruction of former channel systems in the north-western Nile Delta (Egypt) based on corings and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT). E & G Quaternary Science Journal. (just accepted) download

GINAU, A., STEINIGER, D., HARTMANN, R., HARTUNG, U., SCHIESTL, R., ALTMEYER, M., SEELIGER, M. & J. WUNDERLICH (2020): What settlements leave behind — pXRF compositional data analysis of archaeological layers from Tell el-Fara'in (Buto, Egypt) using machine learning. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 546, 109666.

SCHWARDT, M., KÖHN, D., WUNDERLICH, T., WILKEN, D., SEELIGER, M., SCHMIDTS, T., BRÜCKNER, H., BASARAN, S., & W. RABBEL (2020): Characterization of silty to fine-sandy sediments with SH waves: fullwaveform inversion in comparison with other geophysical methods. Near Surface Geophysics, 1-32.

BRILL, D., SEEGER, K., REIZE, F., HLAING, K.T., SEELIGER, M., OPITZ, S., KHIN, M.M.W., NYUNT, W.T., AYE, N., AUNG, A.,KYAW, K., KRAAS, F. & H. BRÜCKNER (2020): Modern and historical tropical cyclone and tsunami deposits at the coast of Myanmar – Implications for their identification and preservation in the geological record. Sedimentology 67, 1431–1459.

SEELIGER, M., PINT, A., FEUSER, S., RIEDESEL, S, MARRINER, N., FRENZEL, P., PIRSON, F., BOLTEN, A. & H. BRÜCKNER (2019): Elaia, Pergamum’s maritime satellite: the rise and fall of an ancient harbour city shaped by shoreline migration. Journal of Quaternary Science 34(3), 228-244.

SEELIGER, M., PINT, A., FRENZEL, P., WEISENSEEL, P.K., ERKUL, E., WILKEN, D., WUNDERLICH, T., BASARAN, S., BÜCHERL, H., HERBRECHT, M., RABBEL, W., SCHMIDTS, T., SZEMKUS, N. & H. BRÜCKNER (2018): Using a multi-proxy approach to detect and date a buried part of the Hellenistic city wall of Ainos (NW Turkey). Geosciences 8, 357. download

FEDIUK, A., WILKEN, D., WUNDERLICH, T., RABBEL, W., SEELIGER, M., LAUFER, E. & F. PIRSON (2019): Marine Seismic Investigation of the Ancient Kane Harbour Bay, Turkey. Quaternary International 511, 43-50.

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SEELIGER, M., PINT, A., FRENZEL, P., FEUSER, S., PIRSON, F., RIEDESEL, S., BRÜCKNER, H. (2017): Foraminifera as markers of Holocene sea-level fluctuations and water depths of ancient harbours – A case study from the Bay of Elaia (W Turkey). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 482, 17–29.

SHUMILOVSKIKH, L.S., SEELIGER, M., FEUSER, S., NOVENKO, E., SCHLÜTZ, F., PINT, A., PIRSON, F. & H. BRÜCKNER (2016): The harbour of Elaia: A palynological archive for human/environmental interactions during the last 7500 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 149, 167–187.

BARTZ, Me., KLASEN, N., ZANDER, A., BRILL, D., RIXHON, G., SEELIGER, M., EIWANGER, J., WENIGER, G.-C., MIKDAD, A. & H. BRÜCKNER (2015): Luminescence dating of ephemeral stream sediments around the Palaeolithic site of Ifri n'Ammar (Morocco). Quaternary Geochronology 30, 460–465.

PINT, A., SEELIGER, M., FRENZEL, P., FEUSER, S., ERKUL, E., BERNDT, C., KLEIN, C., PIRSON, F. & H. BRÜCKNER (2015): The environs of Elaia's ancient open harbour - a reconstruction based on microfaunal evidence. Journal of Archaeological Science 54, 340–355.

SEELIGER, M., BRILL, D., FEUSER, S., BARTZ, Me., ERKUL, E., KELTERBAUM, D., VÖTT, A., KLEIN, C., PIRSON, F. & H. BRÜCKNER (2014): Purpose and age of underwater walls in the Bay of Elaia (western Turkey) – a multidisciplinary approach. Gearchaeology 29, 138–155.

SEELIGER, M., BARTZ, Me., ERKUL, E., FEUSER, S., KELTERBAUM, D., KLEIN, C., PIRSON, F., VÖTT, A. & H. BRÜCKNER (2013): Taken from the sea, reclaimed by the sea - The fate of the closed harbour of Elaia, the maritime satellite city of Pergamum (Turkey). Quaternary International 312, 70–83.

SEELIGER, M., BRÜCKNER, H., BARTZ, Me., FEUSER, M., KNIPPING, M. & F. Pirson (2012)The Harbour of Pergamum – Coastal Evolution of the Bay of Elaia (NW Turkey). In: Bebermeier, W. –  Hebenstreit, R. – Kaiser, E. – Krause J. (eds.), Landscape Archaeology. Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Berlin, 6th – 8th June 2012.  


SEELIGER, M. (2016): Elaia, the maritime harbour city of ancient Pergamon (Turkey) – Coastal evolution and human impact over the past eight millennia. Doktorarbeit, Universität zu Köln, 1–177 (http://kups.ub.uni-koeln.de/6898/)

non peer-reviewed

FEUSER, S., PIRSON, F. & M. SEELIGER (2018): The Harbour Zones of Elaia – The Maritime city of Pergamon. In: von Carnap-Bornheim, C., Daim, F., Ettel, P. & U. Warnke (Eds.) Harbours as objects of interdisciplinary research – Archaeology + History + Geosciences. RGZM Tagungen 34: 91–103.

SEELIGER, M., PINT, A., HERBRECHT, M. & H. BRÜCKNER (2017): Das Geheimnis der Arginusen-Inseln – Geoarchäologische Untersuchungen auf der Kane-Halbinsel. In: Pirson, F. et al.: Pergamon - Bericht über die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2015.  Archäologischer Anzeiger 2016/2: 185–190.

PIRSON, F., ATES, G., BARTZ, Me., BRÜCKNER, H., FEUSER, S., MANIA, U., MEIER, L., M. SEELIGER (2015): Elaia: Eine aiolische Polis im Dienste der hellenistischen Residenzstadt Pergamon? In: A. Matthaei & M. Zimmermann (Eds.) Urbane Strukturen und bürgerliche Identität im Hellenismus. Heidelberg, 22–55.

BRÜCKNER, H., SCHMIDTS, Th., BÜCHERL, H., PINT, A. & M. SEELIGER (2015): Die Häfen und ufernahen Befestigungen von Ainos - eine Zwischenbilanz. In: SCHMIDTS, Th. & M.M. VUČETIĆ (Hrsg.): Häfen im ersten Millennium AD. Bauliche Konzepte, herrschaftliche und religiöse Einflüsse: RGZM-Tagungen, 22: 53–76.

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PINT, A., SEELIGER, M., BARTZ, Me., KELTERBAUM, D. & H. BRÜCKNER (2013): Die Rekonstruktion der Paläoumwelt von Elaia anhand von mikropaläonto-logischen, sedimentologischen und geochemischen Kriterien. In: Pirson, F. et al.: Pergamon - Bericht über die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2012. Archäologischer Anzeiger 2013/2: 123–130.

BRÜCKNER, H., URZ, R. & M. SEELIGER (2013): Geomorphological and geoarchaeological evidence for considerable landscape changes at the coasts of western Turkey during the Holocene. GeoRS Geopedology and Landscape Development Research Series 1, 81–104.

SEELIGER, M., BARTZ, Me., & H. BRÜCKNER (2012): Der geschlossene Hafen von Elaia.- In: Pirson, F. et al.: Pergamon - Bericht über die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2011. Archäologischer Anzeiger 2012/2: 234–240.

SEELIGER, M., SCHNEIDER, S., BRÜCKNER, H., SCHÜTT, B., HOREJS, B., FEUSER, S., ZIMMERMANN, M., PIRSON, F. (2011): Studying Pergamon’s environs – geoarchaeological research in Elaia and Bakırçay Valley.International Bergama Symposium, 7-9 April 2011, vol. I: 48–65. Izmir.

SEELIGER, M., BARTZ, Me. & H. BRÜCKNER (2011): Mauern im Meer – eine geoarchäologische Studie in der Bucht von Elaia. - In: Pirson, F. et al.: Pergamon - Bericht über die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2010. Archäologischer Anzeiger 2011/2: 175–185.

BRÜCKNER, H., SEELIGER, M. & M. KNIPPING (2010): Ergebnisse der geoarchäologischen Arbeiten in der Bucht von Elaia aus der Geländekampagne 2009. - In: Pirson, F. et al.: Pergamon - Bericht über die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2009. Archäologischer Anzeiger 2010/2: 208–220.

BRÜCKNER, H. & M. SEELIGER (2009): Geoarchäologische Unter­suchungen. - In: Pirson, F. et al.: Pergamon - Bericht über die Arbeiten in der Kampagne 2008. Archäologischer Anzeiger 2009/2: 194–199.


Several talks and poster presentations (IAG Paris 2013, LAC 2012, 2016 ...)

Reviewer for international journals

Catena - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Soil Science - Hydrology - Geomorphology focusing on Geoecology and Landscape Evollution

Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart (Quaternary Science Journal)

Frontiers of Earth Science

Geoarchaeology - An International Journal


Journal of Archaeological Science Reports

Quaternary International

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