M.Sc. Riccardo Zuffetti

Research Interests:

I am working on orthogonal Shimura varieties, with particular interest in their interaction with Siegel modular forms. More precisely, I deal with cones of special cycles of codimension two, the problem of their polyhedrality, and the injectivity of the Kudla-Millson theta lift. My advisor is Prof. Dr. Martin Möller.

In my Master Thesis, written in Milan (Italy) with Prof. Bert Van Geemen (advisor) and Dr. Chiara Camere (co-advisor), I studied Symplectic Geometry, K3 surfaces and Hilbert schemes. In particular, I focused on:
- the Automorphism groups of projective Aut-general K3 surfaces with Picard number two;
- criteria for the strong ambiguity of Hilbert squares of projective K3 surfaces with Picard number one.
In the following paper you can find the conclusion of the latter problem.

Strongly ambiguous Hilbert squares of projective K3 surfaces with Picard number one (arXiv:1807.06936) - published in Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Politec. Torino (2019).


- Homework of Algebra (Wintersemester 2020/21)
- Homework of Elementare Zahlentheorie (Sommersemester 2020)
Homework of Lineare Algebra (Sommersemester 2019)
- Homework of Komplexe Algebraische Geometrie I (Wintersemester 2018/19)

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