Lydia Grohe

Vorträge und Konferenzbeiträge

Grohe, L. & Schulz, P. (2022, September). Adjective ordering preferences are not rigid: evidence from elicited production in child and adult German. Poster, 15th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition Conference (GALA 15). Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.

Grohe, L. & Schulz, P. (2021, November). “A blue square table” or “a square blue table”? Adjective ordering preferences in elicited child and adult production. 46th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD), Boston, USA. [online] 

Grohe, L., Schulz, P. (2021, July). Adjective ordering restrictions: Do children and parents know them? IASCL, UPenn, USA. [online] [postponed from 2020, July]

Grohe, L., Schulz, P., Yang, C, (2021, May). How to learn recursive rules: Productivity of prenominal adjective stacking in English and German. GALANA, Iceland. [online] [postponed from 2020, August]

Li, D., Grohe, L., Schulz, P. & Yang, C. (2021, March). The distributional learning of recursive structures. 34th CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, University of Pennsylvania. (online)

Schulz, P., Li, D., Grohe, L. & Yang, C. (2020, October). The distributional learning of recursive structures: the case of possessives in German. Roundtable on Recursion. International LARC Meeting, UMass – U of Toronto – U of Rio – Frankfurt. (online)

Grohe, L. (2018). Production and comprehension of double prenominal adjectives in acquisition. Poster presented at The 2nd Crete Summer School of Linguistics. Rethymnon, Greece.

Grohe, L. (2018).Comprehension and production of double prenominal adjectives in acquisition. Poster presented at LOT Summer School 2018. Groningen, Netherlands.

Grohe, L., Müller, A. & Schulz, P. (2010). How Children ‘Copy’ Long- Distance Structures: The Production of Complex Wh-questions in German. Talk at the Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD) 35. Boston, USA.

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