Study Schedule of the MEAS Program

The MEAS program offers

  • language courses for beginners (in Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian) and advanced learners (in Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean);
  • core lectures and elective seminars on East Asian societies (China, Japan, Korea, South-East-Asia) from a social scientific perspective;
  • colloquiums and seminars on social scientific research skills.

Moreover, in the third semester the program offers three study tracks to choose from: Professional Track, Language Track, Research Track.

1) Professional Track with specialization: module “Internship”

2) Language track with specialization: module “Language study in Asia”

3) Research track with specialization: modules “Research Training”, “Electives”, “Research Skills”

3a) Research Track: Alternative program structure, including studying language abroad

Additional explanation:
SWS = course hours per week
CP = credit points