This is Goethe Alumni International

The international students and alumni network Goethe Alumni International aims to strengthen the contact of international alumni with their Alma Mater, Goethe University, and – wherever possible – offer international alumni support and networking.

On the other hand, the network should also be beneficial to current international students through contact with alumni. We want to offer a platform for communication between international students and alumni. Since alumni have already mastered their studies and often also their entry into the job market – in Germany or another country – they can provide current international students with helpful tips. For this, Goethe Alumni International offers different possibilities:


You can create a report on your experiences at Goethe University with the help of our questionnaire. Your testimonial will be available to the students on our website.
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Share your experiences concerning your studies and your entry into the job market in direct interaction with an international student. Through this, you can also learn more about your own competencies and strengths and invest in the next generation.
>> Mentoring


Return to Goethe University and tell international students in our workshops about your daily work life, your academic career or weigh in with your expertise and suggest a workshop topic!
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We are looking for international alumni who successfully entered the job market after graduation and let international students shadow them in their daily work routine to explore specific careers and to get a realistic picture of the tasks performed for that job.


Do you have other ideas or wishes to improve the network? Then please feel free to contact us!

For International Students

All programme parts of Goethe Alumni International are meant to support international students in their orientation in their studies and in their preparation for entering the job market! You can not only read the various testimonials, but also attend workshops with alumni lecturers or take part in the alumni mentoring.