Dr. Wolf Dummann

E-mail: wdummann@uni-koeln.de

Tel.: +49 221 470-7316

Fax.: +49 221 470-1663


08/1999 – 05/2008   
Wilhelmsgymnasium Kassel
10/2009 – 10/2012 B.Sc. Geosciences (University of Bremen)
  Main focus: Organic geochemistry and marine geology

Title of B.Sc. thesis: „Constraints on the structures of novel intact ether lipids in subsurface sediments off Peru“

10/2012 – 06/2015  M.Sc. Marine Geoscience (University of Bremen)
  Main focus: Organic geochemistry, paleoclimatology and paleoceanography

Title of M.Sc. thesis: „Thaw-induced release of carbon from permafrost in Eastern Siberia during the last deglaciation“

07/2016 – 01/2019 PhD (University of Cologne)
  Main focus: Organic and inorganic geochemistry, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, paleoceanography

Title of PhD thesis: „Driving mechanisms of organic carbon burial in the Early Cretaceous South Atlantic and Southern Ocean “

Research stays and expeditions

08/2013-09/2013  Expedition Sibiria/ Lena Delta on board Dalne Zelentzy
  Sampling of water column and surface sediments

09/2016-10/2016 und 10/2017  GEOMAR Kiel
  Radiogenic isotope analyses (Nd)
11/2018-01/2019 Expedition Antarktis (Neumayer III Station)
  SubEISObs project: sampling of sediments beneath the Ekström ice shelf


Zhu, C., Meador, T. B., Dummann, W. & Hinrichs, K. U. (2014): Identification of unusual butanetriol dialkyl glycerol tetraether and pentanetriol dialkyl glycerol tetraether lipids in marine sediments. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 28, 332-338

Winterfeld, M., Mollenhauer, G., Dummann, W., Köhler, P., Lembke-Jene, L., Meyer, V. D., Hefter, J., McIntyre, C., Wacker, L. & Kokfelt, U. (2018): Deglacial mobilization of pre-aged terrestrial carbon from degrading permafrost. Nature communications 9, 3666

Research interests

  • Geochemistry, sedimentology, and stratigraphy
  • Paleoclimatologic and paleoceanographic processes under Greenhouse climate conditions
  • Application of organic geochemistry to unravel past environmental conditions
  • Interplay between plate tectonics, long-term carbon cycle, and climate variability


Evolving carbon sinks in the young South Atlantic: Drivers of global climate in the early Cretaceous greenhouse? DFG IODP project (2015-2019)

Understanding Cretaceous High Arctic paleoenvironmental and paleoclimate changes DFG project (2019-today)