Tanja Eydam

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


Tanja Eydam is a research assistant and Korean Studies student advisor in the program ELLVIS (Erfolgreich Lehren und Lernen – Vielfalt und Internationales im Studium) at the Zentrum Geisteswissenschaften, Goethe-University Frankfurt, and a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Yonson Ahn.

She holds a master’s degree in Literary and Cultural Theory from Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany, and a B.A. degree in Empirical Linguistics, Korean Studies and Ethnology from Goethe-University Frankfurt. In the context of two exchange programs, she studied Lettres modernes (Modern Literature) at Aix-Marseille Université in Aix-en-Provence, France, and Sociology at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, South Korea. In cooperation with the consulate general of the Republic of Korea in Frankfurt, she and other Korean Studies students founded Project K e.V., an association for creation of awareness of Korean culture in Frankfurt via the organization of the first Korean film festival in Frankfurt (2012-).

Tanja Eydam is a collaborative researcher in the current AKS Core Project “Cultivating Diversity: The global in Korea, Korea in the global” (2021-2026) and a former research assistant in the AKS Seed Project „Strengthening the Korean Studies Education Capacity through the Glocalization of Frankfurt Korean Studies” (2018-2021) at Korean Studies, Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Her interdisciplinary PhD research explores (re-) presentations of Germany and Germans on South Korean television in relation to globalization, power relations and national identity.

She teaches undergraduate courses on topics such as media, migration, nationalism, globalization, history, gender, and diversity.

Publications – Journal articles & book chapters

“Construction of a ‘Western’ Model Minority on South Korean Television: Portrayals of Germans and Germany in 내 친구의 집은 어딘가 (Where Is My Friend’s Home?)”, in Korea and the Global Society, edited by Yonson Ahn. London: Routledge, 2023, pp. 176-198.

“’So, he is practically a Korean?’: Power Relations and Re-articulation of the Korean Self in the TV Show Non-Summit”, East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, Volume 6, No. 2 (2020): 257-273.

Publications – Translations

Jung-Hyuk Kim, “Smile”, translated by Kim Hyuk-Sook, Tanja Eydam, Helen Arnhold, Laura Bub, Nina Marie Grund, Esther Hazel Hornbrook, Marie Scheib, Marion Wambold. Hefte für Ostasiatische Literatur, Volume 72 (2022).

Jung-Hyuk Kim, “Basilikum”, translated by Kim Hyuk-Sook, Tanja Eydam, Nina Marie Grund, Lisa Hack, Irina-Sophie Mo, Marion Wambold. Hefte für Ostasiatische Literatur, Volume 69 (2020).

Kyung-Uk Kim, “Das Spray”, translated by Kim Hyuk-Sook, Tanja Eydam, Frank Materna, Irina-Sophie Mo, Svenja Reder. Hefte für Ostasiatische Literatur, Volume 67 (2019).