Our Vision

Mission Statement TruMotion alliance

TruMotion (Trust through Mobility) is an alliance of five research universities located in “Second Cities" in large metropolitan areas throughout Europe. Our cities are all characterised by diversity, economic growth, and innovation – and, at the same time comparatively cohesive. TruMotion understands those cities to be living labs of social cohesion under conditions of openness and diversity. It thus addresses a set of key challenges of an increasingly globalised world through innovative study programs and joint research initiatives. Deeply embedded into the life and economy of their cities, the five universities – Goethe University Frankfurt, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, University of Lodz, and University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki – join forces in TruMotion. Together with their associate partners, they collaborate to train a versatile, highly qualified, and open-minded workforce capable of furthering cohesion through innovation and the valorisation of cultural difference. 

TruMotioners will then act as agents of change who will successfully tackle the future challenges of our cities and beyond. In TruMotion, the people transform their organisations by exchanging knowledge, pooling skills, and setting up joint innovation driven structures across the alliance. Building on their existing local and regional co-operations, the TruMotion partners activate social and economic stakeholders in outreach networks to further their teaching and research agenda and establish knowledge transfer platforms. They facilitate the recruitment of TruMotion graduates by stakeholders and the sharing of research with society to support and sustain innovation. In partnership with the cities and regions in which its members are based, the alliance co-creates a pan-European space for the mobility of people and ideas and provides opportunities for a critical mass of students to gain first-hand European experience and develop their academic, personal, and social skills in the process, both abroad and at home. 

TruMotion achieves its goals through five clusters of work packages:

Teaching: Dedicated, customisable, inclusive study programs at the Bachelor and Master levels; student mobilities; multilingualism as well as innovative learning tools and formats

Research: Creating integrated Co-Tutelle structures for early career researchers; funding and encouraging researchers at all career levels to work on Second City related themes such as cohesion under conditions of openness and diversity and transformation under conditions of complexity

Organisational Learning: Reaching new levels of performance of the member universities by spreading a spirit of mutual trust and openness toward new formats of co-working, knowledge exchange and joint learning and training formats

Outreach and Knowledge Transfer: Establishing processes for exchange with stakeholders to gain input into teaching and research; facilitating recruitment; furthering innovation through research; building teams of experts in knowledge transfer in natural  sciences as well as social sciences and the humanities

Management: Project management, cutting-edge digital infrastructure, sustainability and dissemination

Illustration: Maya Hatsukano

How to get involved


The TruMotion Alliance offers a broad range of opportunities for students, academics and staff to get involved. Members of partner universities are advised to contact their local European University co-ordinator. For all other enquiries please contact trumotionalliance@uni-frankfurt.de.