Our vision

Creating trust through mobility is at the heart of the TruMotion Alliance, a consortium of seven leading research universities from six countries. Seeking unity in diversity, our long-term vision is to create a blueprint of a network of truly European universities that
  • are active citizens of their metropolitan regions
  • support diversity and innovation within the university and in the wider region
  • foster European values through the personal experience of students and staff
  • are characterised by mutual trust and inspired by a shared long-term strategy

To these ends, the Alliance members are committed to achieving a culture change within their institutions where the principles of a democratic Europe, diversity and innovation pervade teaching and learning, student experience, research, management and administration. In partnership with the cities and regions in which its members are based, the Alliance co-creates a pan-European space for the mobility of people and ideas and provides opportunities for a critical mass of students to gain first-hand European experience and develop their academic and personal skills in the process, both abroad and on-campus. Through mutual learning the Alliance promotes the identification and dissemination of best practice in all areas of higher education activity.

The Alliance values and nurtures the diversity of its member universities, their different academic traditions and modes of operation. Hence, the Alliance's goal is not to create sameness but to complement each other's strengths, learn from each other and build even more competitive universities that are academically and socially distinct but united by their deeply engrained European outlook.

How to get involved


The TruMotion Alliance offers a broad range of opportunities for students, academics and staff to get involved. Members of partner universities are advised to contact their local European University co-ordinator. For all other enquiries please contact