Our plan

By 2022, the Alliance will have created effective and efficient structures for the comprehensive internationalisation of each university. These structures include trans-national degree programmes and other forms of international learning experiences, platforms for collaborative research, mutual organisational learning, innovation transfer and capacity building, and community outreach. Student-related activity is the starting point and core driver of the consortium's move towards closer integration. Since students are also citizens, this focus ensures sustainable links between the universities and the civil society on which they thrive and to which they contribute. Universities and host cities join forces to meet the policy challenges of modern European “Second Cities" which encompass the inclusion of ethnic and other minorities, the creation and distribution of wealth, the provision of adequate housing and sustainable transport and mobility networks, citizens' participation in political decision-making, and countering nationalist and populist ideas that threaten the European Project. It has become increasingly clear that local and regional governments play a key role in addressing these challenges and in creating a future based on an idea of Europe which coming generations of students and/as citizens will carry forward.

Diversity & inclusion, sustainability & innovation, and mobility are at the heart of the Alliance. Ultimately, the universities' goal is to mirror the diversity of their host cities in the composition of their student body – based on a vision of diversity that extends, but is not limited, to ethnic and social background, gender, family status, ability or sexual orientation. The TruMotion Alliance will allow the partner institutions to take their current efforts to a new level by removing discriminatory barriers to university admission and international mobility, creating more accessible exchange programmes, and promoting, through good leadership, the universitas that utilises and fosters the brightest minds while guaranteeing equal opportunities and full inclusion. The TruMotion Alliance

  • Builds trust through mobility, whereby true mobility includes both people (students and staff) and ideas and practices that contribute to organised mutual learning
  • Provides all members of our universities with opportunities for structured exchange, in particular encompassing the integrated mobility for students, and enhanced collaborative opportunities for faculty and staff development, so as to foster the idea of a united Europe through personal experience.
  • Tackles common challenges, such as the digitalisation of teaching and learning, through joint strategic initiatives
  • Provides opportunities for collaborative research that addresses the economic and social challenges of our city regions and supports diversity and innovation for the future, thereby also promoting the universities' research capacity – particularly in the areas of sustainability (incl. climate change research), diversity and inclusion, and mobility
  • Strengthens the innovative capacity of the urban region in partnership with the public and private sector, both of which are integral to the project architecture
  • Produces relevant ideas and evidence that inspire and support policy at the local level
Ensures the development of new educational provisions, such as the pan-disciplinary European Bachelor programmes to be developed and piloted and to be rolled out across the Alliance's member universities in subsequent programme phases. This initiative is built on strong existing efforts including successful summer schools, collaborative research projects, and staff mobility Programmes.

How to get involved


The TruMotion Alliance offers a broad range of opportunities for students, academics and staff to get involved. Members of partner universities are advised to contact their local European University co-ordinator. For all other enquiries please contact trumotion@uni-frankfurt.de.