Who we are

The TruMotion (Trust through Mobility) Alliance is a consortium of five higher education institutions in the four partner cities of Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon and Milan, and two associated partner universities in Lodz and Tel Aviv.

The University of Birmingham, Goethe University Frankfurt, Université Lyon II La Lumière, Sciences Po Lyon, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano, Uniwersytet Łódzki (Lodz) and Tel Aviv University share a passionate belief in the European idea and are creating a joint academic space and dedicated structures for the mobility of people and ideas. The network’s partner universities represent a microcosm of Europe, including public and private, large and small, and comprehensive and specialised universities. These different strengths complement and mutually enhance each other. Appreciating and honouring this diversity of traditions and approaches provides for ample opportunity to learn from each other and develop capacity through the adoption and further development of best practice. All seven universities are world-leaders in teaching and research and champion civic engagement with their host location, with activities reaching from transfer to fundraising to networking within (e.g. alumni) and outside the university. The university-city nexus has been the focus of the University and the City conference series since 2010.

The six cities of Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan, Lodz and Tel Aviv are all so-called “second cities” (neither the capital nor the largest city of their country) that are economic powerhouses and beacons of diversity. For instance, 43% of Birmingham’s resident classified themselves as other than “White” or “White British”, more than one third of Milan’s population are first or second generation immigrants, 40 % of Frankfurt’s and one third of Tel Aviv’s citizens are foreign-born. All participating cities are centres of finance, trade fairs and other activities that make them engines of development in their national economies. Lyon, for instance, has generated a growth domestic product (GDP) of over 80 billion Euros annually in the past years. Milan and Birmingham are the second largest cities in their countries and are the industrial powerhouses together with the wider regions in which they are located. The region of Lombardy generates over 20% of Italy’s GDP, and the West Midlands generate an annual GDP of over 120 billion Euros. Tel Aviv generates over 20% of Israel’s GDP.

How to get involved


The TruMotion Alliance offers a broad range of opportunities for students, academics and staff to get involved. Members of partner universities are advised to contact their local European University co-ordinator. For all other enquiries please contact trumotion@uni-frankfurt.de.