Dr. Leila Rahimi Bahmany

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Lektorin für Persisch

Büro: Juridicum, Raum 211
Tel.: 069/798-32751
E-Mail: RahimiBahmany@em.uni-frankfurt.de



Research Interests:

  • Modern Persian Literature
  • Classical Persian Literature
  • Gender Studies and Literary Feminism
  • Iranian Women's Literary Narratives
  • Comparative Literature




Mirrors of Entrapment and Emancipation: Forugh Farrokhzad and Sylvia Plath. Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2015 (Latifeh Yarshater Award, 2016). 

Book Chapters

“Forugh Farrokhzad and her Madness.” The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Literature. Edited by B. Venkat Mani and Ken Seigneurie. Volume V. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Press [In Press]. 

 “Mirror Metaphors in Persian Sufi Literature.” The Mirror in Medieval and Early Modern Cultures: Specular Reflections. Edited by Nancy M. Frelick. Turnout, Belgium: Brepols Publishers, 2016, pp. 113-129.

“‘Bewildered Mirror’: Mirror, Self and World in the Poems of Forugh Farrokhzad.” Forugh Farrokhzad, Poet of Modern Iran: Iconic Woman and Feminine Pioneer of New Persian Poetry. Edited by Dominic Parviz Brookshaw and Nasrin Rahimieh. London and New York:I.B. Tauris, 2010, pp. 69-82.

Encyclopedia Entries

"Bahā’ al-Dīn Sulṭān Walad.” In Encyclopaedia Islamica. Edited by Wilferd Madelung and Farhad Daftary. Leiden: Brill Academic Publication, 2013.Vol. IV, pp. 164-170.