International Program

Fact Sheet

This full-time study program for a group of six students offers education in scientific working and methods, sociology, industrial relations, future of work and digital economy, labour law, politics and economics. It provides financial support in the form of scholarship, including accommodation, meals, costs for books and course readers, monthly allowance and flights home at holidays. The courses begin in April and end in March of the following year.

• Term 1: April – September in Frankfurt at the Europäische Akademie der Arbeit.

• Term 2: October – March in Tel Aviv at the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo

Course Highlights

  • Study one year in English in two different countries and have a challenging and deeply rewarding academic and intercultural experience.
  • Be part of an exclusive small group of six for an intensive study.
  • Spend a summer term in Germany and a winter term in Israel.
  • Use the opportunity to explore the upcoming global tasks of the world economy.
  • Get qualified in scientific working, industrial relations, labour law and economics through an international lens.
  • Get involved in excursions, providing you a unique exposure to both countries’ industrial relations, institutions and policies.
  • Obtain an academic certificate to boost your further career.
  • Get a full scholarship, allowing you to study without distractions.

Structure of the Program

Macro Center for Political Economics in Tel Aviv

 Please see the following link for more information about our cooperation partner the Macro Center for Political Economics: