Gevorg aus Armenien, FB 02

",,,the biggest achievement for me was to be able to submit my Master Thesis within 2 months."

The Goethe-University has a very good reputation and is situated in the heart of Frankfurt. That was one of the several reasons, why I wanted to study in Frankfurt - it would be easier to work and study at the same time. Although there are no tuition fees, the quality of education is very high and the university's network with the industry allows to get hands on inputs from industry practitioners coming as guest lecturers from firms like PWC, Mckinsey, IBM, Merck, P&G, Deutsche Bank, BaFin and other big names.

I remember my first semester and how it was challenging to find an accommodation, get the hang of the demanding courses and to socialize with the classmates at the same time. But we were all in it together and could support each other in many ways. The program management organized regular meetings with everyone to see whether there is any way they could help the students settle down which was great.

I guess the biggest achievement for me was to be able to submit my Master Thesis within 2 months, as I had to start my full time job as soon as possible. I appreciate greatly the help of my Academic Supervisor as well as the universities openness to conduct my Master Thesis in cooperation with a firm in the consulting field.

My biggest challenge was to reconcile work, studies and as well social activities together. The flexibility of the program however gave me a lot of freedom to schedule everything fitting to my professional and personal aspirations.

The university is quite large and offers various kinds of support to international students, be it with the immigration office, with finding accommodations or career advice. In my opinion, the only problem is that the information is decentralized and as an international student, it might be difficult to navigate through the wide range of university support offerings.

At the end of my Master-Program, four months before my graduation, I got several job offers. I applied on my own after having gathered all the information from the career service. Also networking during my working student employment helped a lot.

During my Master, I worked as a working student at two different companies, at IPC GmbH and at Sopra Steria Consulting. I also conducted my Master Thesis at Sopra Steria as a Strategy Consulting project. All of them were in Frankfurt.

I wish all the new international students lots of luck and success in their studies and future employment. Never lose motivation and always be determined and focused! Constant networking and perseverance is crucial to being successful.